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    I've been wondering about the 3000 valor comment. I read it as if we would be able to get 3000 valor tp spend on the week of release, which to me includes said weeks valor cap reset which would still put the target date at Feb 26th as there were 2 resets left (2000 VP oh I'm so good at math) plus the 1000 the week of, but this is prob. just me praying for it to be out on the 26th as I want to hunt Dinosaurs and kick some turtles!
    They didn't say you could get 3k to spend on the week of patch 5.2s release. They said you would be able to get 3k valor BEFORE 5.2 goes live.
    The announcement was made on Wednesday the 13th so if you capped valor in the week that announcement was made then the only way you could earn 3k valor BEFORE 5.2 goes live is if it comes on the 5th/6th of March.

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    We don't need more threads on this. Especially not with such misleading titles.


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