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    Anyone miss Wintergrasp / Tol Barad ?

    I wish MoP had a new one of these. Anyone else remember those?
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    WG is tuned to 90 now?

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    and so is Tol Barad.

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    OP sig very ironic.

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    He actually says "a new 1 of these". Wintergrasp and Tol Barad aren't new even they have retuned the hp of stuff for 90s.

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    no its pointless with faction imbalance on most realms , most of the time its 5 players from one faction vs 1 or even noone from other

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    Make them a CRZ, that would fix a lot of problems and if too many people queue just open up a "second" or "third" one. You just have to normalize the times they happen.

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    I honestly do. It had a PVP and PVE perspective, and was good for almost everyone wether that be from the tokens that gave you rewards when you had enough or just opening a boss for your faction. It felt almost accomplishing for my horde/alliance when i did it and won for MY side. It was almost a server achievement in my eyes. Idk its weird i know but with that point of both pvp and pve being both a factor in them i liked the hell out of it when it came to wotlk and cata.
    again weird i know but its a moral booster for your faction and i think they should have left it in the game.

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    I really enjoyed Wintergrasp, it was really fun and felt quite epic in a way (except when I migrated to a 0.3-1 Alliance:Horde realm, me being alliance). Tol'Barad never gave me the same feeling.

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    Check them now?
    Both are for 90lvl now.

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    I miss them. I always enjoyed seeing the server get involved in stuff... even if its fighting with each other.

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    Wintergrasp? Yes definitely.

    Tol Barad? Not really.

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    I pref WG... Never did much of TB... Too much like ring-a-rosie
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    What's there to miss? They are still there, tuned for 90. I'm kind of surprised they didn't include a zone like this in MoP though.

    I have always hated TB with a passion.
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    I doubt, more than a handfull miss having to PvP to MAYBE get access to a raid..

    It was one of the most stupid mechanics Blizzard implemented..
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    Nope, dont really miss them. It always had its downsides. And Blizzard failed on making it a pvp zone anyway, OUTSIDE of the battles. I had quit a few hours spended world pvping there, outside of battles, but never enough to really feel like it was anything big.

    PS; WG when you're outnumbered sucks. Only recently grinded my last 100 win's :P Trough Wintergrasp is the best out of the 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goreheart View Post
    I wish MoP had a new one of these. Anyone else remember those?
    Wintergrasp was fun.

    Tol Barad was the worst piece of shit addition to WoW.

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    how is kasarang wilds on pvp servers? With those faction token drops and the stuff you can buy with them for your forces?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    I doubt, more than a handfull miss having to PvP to MAYBE get access to a raid..

    It was one of the most stupid mechanics Blizzard implemented..

    as opposed to the raid being outdoors to get ganked over and over again like we have now?

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    Krasarang has done a pretty decent job of getting some world PvP into the MoP zones, but I do like to go back to WG just for fun. Trouble is now all the hp has been increased so it can't be done as easily

    That being said, I actually wish there was a zone dedicated to it. It'd be fun to have a place where a constant world pvp aspect was going, fighting back and forth and back and forth. No real "end" to the battle. Demo's would keep respawning. Buildings would get repaired only to be destroyed again. Each faction has an impregnable safe zone, and of course it would be possible for a faction to hold every major section other than the opposite side's safe zone. But, after extended amounts of time, the controlled "neutral" zones would become increasingly volatile or weakened, allowing the opposite faction to have increased chances of taking it. Of course, depending upon the amount of players on either side, the vulnerability of captured zones would either go very quickly or somewhat slowly. This could cause either a "ring around the posy" system of controlling zones, or perhaps an actual strategized series of guerrilla strikes from each faction. I'd also like it to be somewhat like WG where very useful resources would be available. A section dedicated to mining, especially trillium, kyparite, and rich ghost iron. A section for herbing, especially golden lotus. A place for hunting with relatively quick-to-kill beasts for skinning with increased amounts of leather, scales, or even magnificent hide. And, of course, plenty of PvE mobs around with above-average Mote of Harmony, food, cooking ingredients, BoE greens, valuable "junk", etc. Perhaps a rare, super-powerful spawn with a chance to drop Orbs of Mystery, BoP faction rep tokens, Skyshards, BoE blues/BoP purples, etc.? I feel like this could actually bring some PvP life into the stale PvE realms, and, of course, would just be a more resourceful zone for PvP realms.

    Personally I'd like a zone like that. I'd do it all the time.
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