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    WoW - as single player game

    Imagine all group content (scenarios, dungeons, raids) to have the option to be soloable. Bosses would have a solo setting, you'd go in and kill them, a la Diablo 3 - if you learn the mechanics then you beat the boss by yourself.

    -no more 30-40 min queues for dps
    -no more dealing with certain....personality types. Or having to rely on others period for that matter...
    -same progression on gear/content as regular group content
    -gear a couple ilvls below LFR gear.
    -bosses would have lower HP and do less damage for obvious reasons.
    -certain raids would have faction NPCs to help. Ex: Heart of Fear to have Klaxxi NPCs to join you in battle.

    Would this work? Why or why not?

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    It is working together as a team of players to beat a difficult encounter that is giving me a sense of achievement/progress. I doubt WoW would be interesting to me without that.

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    I generally prefer playing solo in PVE, but you'd have to take out most interesting mechanics to support a solo experience. The monk "training" quests are cool and have mini boss-like mechanics so you can practice your various abilities, but they only work because they're class specific. I wouldn't mind dungeons having a duo/trio mode though, but I guess that's really nothing but a scenario. If only you could play those solo or duo...

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