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    2 hander frost aoe rotation


    I have been playing dw frost until recently when i got the normal shan'ka from sha but i'm kinda confused about the aoe rotation. I have been seeing everywhere that you spam howling blast just like duel but i was using blood tap during dw but i'm currently using runic empowerment.

    My currrent Aoe rotation looks like this. I apply diseases obviously, use death runes and frost runes on howling blast and i use the unholy runes on death and decay or plague if death and decay is on cd. since i was using blood tap and duel wielding i could easily turn the unholy runes into death runes for more howling blast but as 2 handers, i can't because of runic empowerment. So this brings me to my question, Do 2handers just use unholy runes on plague strike wheneever death and decay is on cooldown or is there a way around this and between i'm only intrested in 2 handers as runic empowerment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes you want to use it on PS if DnD is on CD and you would end up having 2 unholy runes otherwise, can be used for pest as well if you diseases is about to fall off.

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    but pestilence uses blood runes if i'm not mistaken and blood runes are already death runes as frost which i'd rather spend on howling blast. It's the unholy runes i was curious about since spamming plague strike with DnD on cd as 2 handers looks dumb considering you already have blood plague on the target.

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    If diseases aren't an issue, DnD is on cooldown and you have both unholy runes available then you can just obliterate tbh (ideally with a KM) as you'll get a chance at a rime proc anyway and only using one of the unholy runes means RE won't bring it back.

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    It's more like spam HB as much as you can, keep ONE UH rune on CD and hit FS to game for frost/death runes from RE.

    Basically like a cata masterfrost rotation went, but using a KM on oblit is a waste on more than three targets.

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    That sounds like reasonble thing to do, keeping one UH up.
    Thanks all.
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    DKone..... just saying.

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    Same PR as DW AKA DnD - HB - Tab PS'ing through mobs. If you're not using Blood Tap, save an Unholy Rune. Never Pesti, tab PS is more damage and the stipulations for a Pest to do more damage are quite steep (They're still steep if you have Roiling and you'd rather have Blight anyways). If PS is up on everything and you are capping Unholy Runes, use PS anyways. Sometimes it's worth it to Oblit instead, largely a personal call.

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