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    Could use a little help

    I have just gotten back into raiding and seem to be sluggish when it comes to my healing. I can't seem to put out the numbers i would think i should have as a resto shammy. My regen is getting better but still not to the point i am comfortable with, so i am asking for some good ol'fashioned constructive criticism. I don't have a log to show but i regularly get beat in numbers by the other healer in raid which is a disc priest. Hopefully i can get some good tips or suggestions and it's not just the fact i can't heal on a shaman anymore lol. I can't post a link yet so my toon is Hexöffender (alt 148 for the ö) on whisperwind a dranie shammy. thanks in advance for the info and help.

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    Just by looking at your gear and your post alone it looks like you might want to go for the 2nd Haste break point, rather then crit since you have quite a bit of spirit without water shield. Also I'm not sure if your running heroics or normals but if your raids other healer + yourself are decently keeping your raid near topped off then our mastery doesn't help much, so you wont be seeing tons of big numbers on meters, and most likely more overhealing then anything. without logs I can't comment really on your spell usage to mana efficiency. Plus your weapon and bracers are missing enchants.

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