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    FF7 was most definitely a soul crusher, though watching that scene now does absolutely nothing.

    Outside of that, I think the only real emotional response I've gotten from a game is fear..... Doom 2 gave me absolute nightmares. Granted, it's extremely dated 'now', but back when it came out, I hadn't seen another game nearly as visually immersive.
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    In all honesty probably the ending of KH I. Just the way the end cut-scene along with the music signified the journey's while still leaving you open to wondering whether or not Sora would see either of his friends again.

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    Planescape:Tornment was awesome.
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    KotOR. The big reveal/plot twist was epic.

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    To the moon. Can't explain without ruining the game for anyone that might want to play it.

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    Kingdom hearts, i still get emotional when i go back and play that game. Its really just the ending where sora and kairi get seperated (Could have alot to do with the beautiful music during the cutscene)

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    Probably shenmue, i was pretty upset by the fact that some kids loving dad died to the hands of some thug going after his family's artifacts. Pisses me off even more that you never even see the main villian in game again...... ever

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    FEAR the slayer of the gods, catcher of the souls, the doomsinger of everlasting sunset, the immortal happy-burn-till-not-even-ashes-remains prophet! The Sunflower!

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    KOTOR II. I killed some random NPC and felt genuinely bad about it.
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    Since no one else has mentioned it (maybe because it may or may not be considered a game, or people are ashamed for some silly reason or another), Katawa Shoujo.

    Rin's Good End, very last line: "What's the word for when you feel inside your heart that everything in the world is alright?

    I still don't know what the word is, and I think that's half the reason it hurt so much to read.

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    Metal Gear 4 when i return to shadow moses isle and the music starts to play , so many memories so many good times :/ i always keep a save at that spot just for the fun of old times !

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    Mass Effect 3 had a few scenes where I was like

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    I remember crying at the end of Final Fantasy X.

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    My rage at the ME3 ending, I have never been so angry even at league or dota 2 games. It was mostly because of the rollercoaster of emotion it brought me through to end like that.
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    Mass Effect.
    I don't know how they do it, but goddamn there are times where you really have to hold back hard just so you don't start crying at the screen.
    My wife was like wtf is happening when he saw my face when I was playing ME3 .

    I can allmost forgive the ending, just because how good the rest of the game is.

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    Fable for me. The antagonist was so good I wanted to reach thru the screen and strangle his pixelated vagina.
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    Shadow of the Colossus was really emotional for me too.

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    Final Fantasy Crisis Core had a really sad ending.

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    Halo. The loss of Sgt Johnson and Cortana. Broke my heart.

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    While FFX had a decent emotional story, I think there's nothing like seeing the look on Dom's face in Gears of War 2 When he finally found his wife. I'm not too sure why, but that moment was just really emotional for me.
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