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    Affliction Tier 14 to Tier 15 set bonus when?

    Hey all, just wondering as the tier 15 set bonuses seem rather poor for affliction compared to 40 seconds off of dark soul, and bearing in mind that I don't have heroic tier gear, is the aim of the game to maintain the 4 set until you have all 4 pieces of t15? Or is the ilevel upgrades actually worth swapping tier pieces about beforehand?

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    I'll change probably, when I get two Heroic T15 Tokens and 1 Heroic offset.

    Upgraded all T14 Hc 2/2 before. T14 4'rer will stay insane for a while! Thats my point!
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    replacing normal T14 tier gear will probably be with T15 normal since the ilvl upgrade from 496>522 is too much! even 504 tier gear will probably be replaced asap

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    just replace it as soon as you get 2 pieces of the follow up tier set.. just like every single content patch before.

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    Don't forget thunderforged pieces. Not sure how that's all going to work out.
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    I think the idea is for Thunderforged to be so rare that you can't reliably count on them beyond simulated profiles.

    GC has said before he doesn't like the culture of checking gears off a list rather than evaluating immediate upgrades. And really for the overwhelming majority of raiders, it's not feasible/realistic to only take gears on your BIS list. And for the people who are farming tiers quick enough to reasonably assume everyone will get full BIS, well, they're skilled enough they don't need full BIS for that current tier to clear it (prepping for next tier of course a different story).
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    I was wondering if the T15 4pc was weak enough that if we do in fact see good Thunderforged drops to just go with those instead. Seems like it might work.

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    is 5%+ dmg on MG and SD really that weak though? It sounded quite ok to me....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidmaster View Post
    is 5%+ dmg on MG and SD really that weak though? It sounded quite ok to me....
    Last I checked it seems to just negate the nerf to Grim:Sac which is kind of silly

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    While it definately hurts to drop set bonsues from previous sets, usually the iLvl makes up a huge bit of the gap. I will probably switch as soon as I get pieces. Hopefully Ill have 5 set T14 so I can swap out one of those pieces for t15, then swap over to 2 piece t14 and 2piece t15 on the second drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidmaster View Post
    is 5%+ dmg on MG and SD really that weak though? It sounded quite ok to me....
    Oh my bad, I confused the 2pc and 4pc bonuses. The way it is, 4pc will probably be worth it. If it were the other way around I'd probably go 2pc only.

    Kinda makes me a little sad, I was interested in the idea of higher ilvl gear over tier, but I guess there would've been too many complaints about set bonuses being weak.

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