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    Daily grinding has been one of the biggest mistakes Blizzard has made in the last years, but it will take them the whole expansion to get it, just like it took over half the expansion to realize how stupid was to make the dungeons hard in a LFG environement (something that the community was telling them since Cata day 0).

    They will never accept that the core design they made for the expansion is a complete failure untill its over.

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    Still my opinion it is just as easy to level alts at the beginning of this expansion than ANY other ever. Remember LFR didn't come to the end of the expansion in Cata. So, by the end of this expansion it will be even more cake. I wouldn't count ten geared alts at the end of WotLK unless you like mindless zergs of the same content. If you pay a monthly fee just for the potential transmogs or just how much gear you can attain, then this post is not for you.

    Just skip over the residual whine from peeps still looking back at MOP launch. They even believe the inevitable changes to ease progression like all content patches since TBC is their idea. ...and of course they will tell the "loudness" something to that effect to ease their minds.

    If its your main and have no toons at 90 and your progression is raid based. Just do the Operation Shieldwall rep/quests (496 rewards) and get the 476 island gear coming in 5.2. The rest can be filled in with dungeons, scenarios, and world bosses. That's just two reps until LFR. Looks like they just added some 496 backs to the new 5.2 rep as well.

    This ignores enchants that require reps however.

    The catch is the "never before offered" bonus roll. Didn't exist before now, but if you do dailies (boring grind for some), you have a bonus roll to use on the boss you like. Bonus rolls come from turning in 90 lesser charms in which you get about 1-2 each daily.
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