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    Single target DPS for hunters.

    Has anyone else noticed single target dps for PVE is way low atm. I assume this is a PVP problem thats effecting PVE. My main is a hunter so this is a real problem for me any feedback would be appreciated.

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    You'll probably get alot more responses on the hunter class forum.

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    I haven't noticed anything different: Can you elaborate?
    Did you change up a talent/glyph/piece of gear etc..recently?

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    I can pull top DPS most of the times as survival. Though I did get beat by a Paladin that could do 60k on bosses... at 88....
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    I agree that it seems low. I have struggled this expansion to make my hunter do competitive dps, but it doesn't look like blizzard agrees with us. I'm counting on them bringing mages and locks down a bit in comparison at this point. With the patch coming next week it's all we can really hope for.

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    personally i found that a hunter in a 480~ ilvl vs almost any other dps at the same average, the hunters feel behind. not a lot, and it depends on what mechanics/situations are happening. also not sure if this improves as you get closer to 490 and beyond, i've had a hell of a time getting over 485, where as the other dps around me continued to increase and made that gap feel larger.

    playing on my dk (whos at 488) i see a huge difference in capability, my dk is able to hit for 150k+ multiple times in a short window using minor cds where as sv hunter doesn't hit nearly as hard and bm relies on larger cds for the same window. i feel like i struggle on 4th & 5th elegon orb on hunter were as dk i can murder mine, help my neighbor, drop stacks and still get back to hit the boss b4 next wave. i kinda miss a competitive MM spec at times like that.

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    I do quite well as a BM hunter on single target fights - but I'm in a 25 man guild where everyone is mostly BIS gear (but the same holds true even as we were progressing). Normally finish at the top for H-Spirit Kings, H-Zor'lok, H-Tslung, H-Feng, H-Elegon....and then if you drop down to non-heroic levels (like when we do guild LFR for VP) I feel like a goddess - I'm hard to beat. I feel good about hunters right now (and yes, I know no one cares about LFR, but my guild is a competitive group).

    Point is, against similarly geared people hunters should be doing fairly well on single target fights - especially on the LFR or normal levels with less mechanics to deal with.

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    Seems fine to me...D

    I've never been behind either, since the first raid of the tier in full 463 all the way up, even when i was one of the last in my guild to get an epic weapon (upgraded 463 to 502 will bow) I was always at least competitive.

    Found another log, of my 483 geared alt with a 471 weapon (the kill where i got the gun), armory the rest and you'll see i was competing against people 15-20 ilvls higher than me (Mergroth had 483 same as me)
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    I PVE about 5% of the time. Translation, I do quite a bit of PVP on my BM Hunter. And yes, I must say, if you feel as though the single target dmg is lacking that is most likely a result of the single target dmg in PVP being outstanding.

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    BM single target is pretty solid.
    Overall no offense, but sounds like a learn2play issue.

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