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    I really, really wish mages would stop whining. All you have to do is stand still and press a few buttons to put out massive dps, and that STILL isn't enough for you? You have to always top the charts? Give me a break. The mage in my 10-man group has the same attitude as all the posters here and he's easily the most annoying member of my raid, and my guild.
    My alt is a mage and even i think there op as hell. Mine has a 482 ilevel and i was doing 130k dps tonight lol and that wasn't with the scorch rotation which i don't use cause i couldn't get use to it.
    When i hit a 745k arcane barrage i realized then why there getting hit hard with the nerfbat. :/

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    any info for where will be getting haunting spirits (mats)?

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    From ghosts i believe of dead trolls....maybe....i dunno...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brickwall View Post
    any info for where will be getting haunting spirits (mats)?
    Probably the same way you get Blood Spirit right now - from disenchanting non-LFR epics.
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    Just have to post a QQ for enchanting....yeah people will get new gear and will need enchants, but FFS is it so hard to come up with something new. Why not craft wand at high level, or a mount even like most other professions have? Personally i like the idea of getting a personal enchant that is temporary and equivalent to flasks. Make it cost enchanting mats and enchanters can essentially self buff instead of using a flask.

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