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    Tihan HC vs. Loshan normal

    I apologise in advance if this topic have been put to table again before and I didn't notice.

    I need your opinion/advise on what is better for a holy paladin to use

    Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor 502 (WIll of the Emperor hc) or Loshan, Terror Incarnate 496 (Tsulong normal) with crit reforged to spirit

    I know Tihan is perfectly itemized with spirit/mastery while Loshan is terribly itemized (with crit/haste). And to be honest, even with only the legendary sha-gem of +500 intelect on it, Tihan still seemed slightly more appealing to me.

    However! The newly added "buckle" on the sha-touched sword changes the balance. For, with a +320 spirit on it, Loshan (reforged) turns out to be superior on crit, haste, spell power AND now on spirit as well (letting mastery being its only minus).

    Looking forward for your comments.

    Kind regards.

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    I'd say with the +500int gem and the prismatic gem, Loshan imo. I just got the Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm which is basically the same as Loshan apart from having sprit instead of haste and I for one, will not be wanting the weapon from our heroic will kills now.

    The spirit, while being an important stat, for me isn't worth factoring into the comparisons between the two tbh, just because it's quite a small amount and depending on your overall gear you will likely not tell any difference anyways, and with the 2 gems you will have more throughput (I personally, as a holy pala, have gone with an int gem in the prismatic socket rather than spirit, as I feel I have "enough" spirit atm)

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    If you have both and your guild is still intending to run HoF, save your gem for Kri'tak.

    Assuming fully gemmed Loshan with +500 int +320 spirit, Tihan will give you 28 more spirit and 421 mastery, but be 35 less spell power due to int providing spell power. See the link for the comparison on wowhead. Note the 320 extract gem on Loshan is not included.

    Also, haste is not an entirely wasted stat if you can use it as part of the haste cap for an extra tick of EF and you can reforge crit into mastery. If you're not doing HoF anymore, I'd just go ahead and socket the sword...the weapons you get in the new raid even in LFR will be better than both of those weapons upgraded twice I believe because of the extra gem socket.


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