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    Worth it to start playing again?

    I bought MoP but never actually played it and quit WoW. Now i am getting a little bit tempted to start playing again.

    How is the state of the game? Worth it to start playing again? Or still as boring as i got in Cata?

    ty in advance.

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    Depends on what you consider boring.

    The storyline for the expansion isn't bad. Though when you reach 90, prepare for tons of dailies.

    Generally, though, it isn't a bad expansion, but really, more of the same. But you did spend money on the expansion, I'd definitely consider at least giving it a go and see if you enjoy it.

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    Best one so far.

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    I've resubbed for MoP and I'm really enjoying it. The storyline is great, the quests are decent, the raiding so far is pretty solid... it's still WoW but it's definitely got some fun left in the tank.

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    The raids are fun except for HoF, hate that place. There are a ton of dailies with more dailies being added in with each patch. When you hit 90 you'll have to do the usual heroic dungeon grind to get good enough gear for LFR. You should probably do a lot of dailies to get elder tokens because the drop rate for gear in LFR is almost nonexistent so those 3 elder tokens are your only salvation to getting gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombanana View Post
    I bought MoP but never actually played it and quit WoW. Now i am getting a little bit tempted to start playing again.

    How is the state of the game? Worth it to start playing again? Or still as boring as i got in Cata?

    ty in advance.
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    The raids are better than DS. There are tons of dailies to do, about 2 months if you do them all at once. PvP is very bursty but in full male gear it evens out a bit, but could still be better. I don't think MoP is great but better than cata.

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    Well 5.2 is coming out in a week or 2, So I would suggest this time being the best time to resub & see how MoP is. I'm fairly enjoying it and I know many others are aswell.
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    Everything from casual content, to leveling content, to lore content is the best it's ever been. PVE has more options than ever with proper raiding, LFR, LFD, scenarios, dailies, and other casual content that helps to progress your character and the story. There are fun side items like pet battles if that's your gig.

    PVP is pretty awful, but it's been trending that way since Cata. Still fun if you A) play OP class or B) don't take it seriously, though.

    If alt's are your thing, the barrier to entry for raiding is a little steep right now, but should be lessening in 5.2 (ETA 05Mar).

    All in all, even with its faults, MOP is the best ExPac we've had in terms of things to do for anyone and everyone.
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    If you raid current tier, you will enjoy it the most but that is my opinion. I also don't like the horrid dailies and LFR personally. However, there is the fun of doing older raids and dungeons for achievements and mounts and you can even solo lots of the older content, there are Pet Battles, PVP/BG's, World Bosses, Sunsong Ranch, rare elites scattered throughout Pandaria, rare treasures all over Pandaria as well, Challenge Modes, Scenarios, Loremaster achievements, Exploration, collecting weapons and gear for Transmogrification etc etc. Not to mention 5.2 is adding a small island, a new raid, new crafting stuff, new gear, new pets, mounts, achievements, and other stuff I can't remember lol.

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    i started playing again like 3 weeks ago, after not having played for over a year.
    the mop leveling was nice, but not omgspecialawesome after what i came to expect from cataclysm.

    when i hit 90, i was super motivated to do all kinds of stuff and gear up.

    the next day i was bored already.
    simply because the ("heroic") dungeons aren't challenging in any way, at least to me as a healer. i would literally have been able to go afk in at least half the pug runs i did. i wiped once (due to a dps pulling several packs while our tank had lags) in about 20 or 30 dungeon runs, even though i often ran with other people who were in quest greens and blues like me.
    after doing dungeons for one and a half evening, i also already had sufficent item level for the first two lfr. was about as challenging as the dungeons.

    i never knew any strategy for any of those dungeons or raids, of couse.

    now, i am aware that both of these are intended to be a way to gear up for the real raids, and i can't say anything about those, since i haven't tried.
    but i personally (and quite a few people i used to play with) had tons of fun in the cata heroics, because they were actually challenging to new characters and pugs. i remember several bosses that had abilities that would one-shot a player, or even the whole group if the players were bad enough.

    so in short, i have only tried a small part of what i hope mop would have to offer, but so far i'm really disappointed and demotivated (is that a word?^^) to the point where i lost any motivation to log in again, not even two days after hitting max level. maybe it's just because i'm a healer and maybe i'm missing a lot of cool raid encounters and the like, but it's hard finding motivation to look for a decent raiding guild (which would probably require me to gear up in raid finder first anyway).

    that said, part of why i lost motivation so quickly is probably because pretty much everyone i ever played with quit at some point during the last two years, and it would probably take some time to find a guild i like playing in again (i'd also like to do heroic raiding again, but who would take a dungeon geared healer they know nothing about into a heroic raiding guild?).
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    It may be a little frustrating to get used to things that have changed, but once you do, the game is actually more rewarding than it was in Cata. I'd say give it a try. Plus, I think they're even offering a free 10-day MoP trial.

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    I gave MoP a try over my Xmas vacation. Questing was the same-old same-old from Cata. I found questing boring, too linear, and in the case of Valley of the Four Winds, too silly. Graphics and 'look and feel' certainly seem improved over Cata; most of the zones are gorgeous and have great atmosphere, although I did get a Crystalsong Forest vibe from Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Professions are basically the same with nothing novel that I noticed; getting both my profs to 600 was trivial. Regular 5-mans were easy and dull. PvP was wretched; unbalanced and populated with bots. The grinding barrier to entry for decent gear for raiding and pvp is big - weeks at a minimum, possibly months. I didn't raid, so I can't speak to the raid quality.

    Overall, I'd say that MoP has a few interesting bits, but it's a pale shadow of what WoW used to be. If you're looking for the MMO version of SuperMario meets Farmville, but with better graphics, then it's exactly what you want.

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    IMO, yes. I am very satisfied with this expansion. I, personally, like it more than Cataclysm. There is quite a lot to do. You might be bored if you choose to just sit in the Shrine all day and not do anything else other than wait for raid days. With 5.2 on the horizon, I am very excited. Why don't you try playing the game and see how you like it?

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    dailies.. prepare for them dailies...

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    worst than cata, spend your money elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombanana View Post
    I bought MoP but never actually played it and quit WoW. Now i am getting a little bit tempted to start playing again.
    If you're tempted go for it, what's the worse that could happen? Only you can decide on that. But if you want my opinion, it's the most annoying expac they've made.

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    Best. Expansion. Yet. Nothing more to say really :P

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    There is so many things to do in this expac, it's a bit out of hand. I do a little bit of everything. Lately I've been leveling alts with friends on different realms. From standard pve, dungeons, raids, quests, dailies, mount farming, cross realm stuff via and the like, to pvp and pet battles, old achievements etc. In my opinion, if you went out and paid for this you should at least give it a try.

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    I personally love this expansion. I don't see the hate on dailies, I had a lot of time to run them but in 3 weeks I had exalted on nearly all of the factions. I havn't had the need to run a daily sense, and am just now for the first time running out of lesser charms. the storyline is great, with questing at a great place. heroics are nice, and your not stuck donig them for to long gearing up, the raids are awesome, and the new one looks to be even better. its a great expansion, fixed many of the issues cata caused.

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