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    Nothing really changed. What driven you away is still there but with another name.
    The bgs are full of bots and the current pvp season is pathetic, one of the worst till now. The sad part is that 5.2 won't change that.
    The raids are acceptable, nothing really special. They become tedious quite fast.
    If you decide to play you should keep in mind that you will have to farm religiously if you want to be on the same level as the others. Even for pvp.

    p.s: the easiest way to have an idea is to search ( on google - on diferent sites ) for negative reviews about MOP. If you can handle those, you will enjoy the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randombanana View Post
    I bought MoP but never actually played it and quit WoW. Now i am getting a little bit tempted to start playing again.

    How is the state of the game? Worth it to start playing again? Or still as boring as i got in Cata?

    ty in advance.
    If you already bought MOP, you may as well pay $15 and try for a month.

    The answer to your question depends on what you like to do in WoW.

    I don't like MOP, but I still like WoW. So for me, it was worth to check out new zones, scenery, and quests. Dungeons are faceroll and boring, lots of pandas, beer barrels, jumping rats and rabbits. It doesn't feel like WoW, but some childish game.

    The setting is in China. Pandas, architecture, script, food and cooking recipes, and many other things. The problem is it is this way in every zone. It's not like Egypt in one zone as in Uldum, or Nordic in few zones as in Wrath. Pandaria IS China in every zone.

    Lot of reps to grind, but few rewards. By the time you reach the required rep, you already outgear the faction rewards, but that is not the reason you grind rep. Valor gear is sold by factions! So if you want to buy raid-level gear with the valor points, you need to get revered with factions. Also some factions have another faction's rep as prerequisite before you can start rep grind, which could be called a faction attunement. You don't get faction rep through dungeons or regular quests, but exclusively through dailies. So people end up doing 20+ dailies for weeks. I don't mind rep grind and quests, but the same quests over and over is a little boring after few weeks.

    Raids are nothing special. I like some, not others. Nothing epic.

    Lots of mounts and pets, if you are into it.

    There is farmville, if you are into it.

    There is pokemon, if you are into it.

    I can't tell anything about PvP as I haven't tried yet.

    Overall, I would say it sucks and it is NOT warcraft anymore.

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    Give it a try. There are a lot of a dailies that you have to do if you want to PvE because most of the Valor items are gated behind reputation. However, since it'll be your first time doing them it won't be that bad.

    If you're into alt's, I have bad news for you. This expansion is very anti-alt because of the dailies I mentioned before. However, if you enjoy playing multiple characters you can of course do those dailies again, although I wouldn't wish such tedious work on my worst enemy.

    Gearing up is perfect IMO. It's a little slow, but steady, which I think is how it should be.

    Also, patch 5.2 will hit in the first or second week of March, opening up a brand new faction to do dailies with and an awesome new raid, Throne of Thunder, which many are calling the Ulduar of MoP, which, as you probably know, is a really good thing.

    My suggestion: Play for a month so you can get a feel of how this expansion plays and also play a little bit of 5.2 to see how you like it. Then re-sub if you want to, otherwise say goodbye until next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombanana View Post
    Or still as boring as i got in Cata?
    well, thats impossible to judge...

    Thanks to cata and mop, questing from lvl 1 to lvl 89 is wonderful and fun. But level 90 is boring...

    Lvl 90 reminds me of vanilla lvl 60... you have 3 options. Grind pvp, grind raiding(including LFR), or grind somewhere in the world(in this case, dailies)... there is no middle ground.

    I've personally spend more time playing alts than I have my one lvl 90. Right now its like I was once DS was on farm, I only log onto him on raid nights and the rest of the week is either spent away from wow or on an alt... and we're still in the first tier of MoP.

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    All depends what you want to do in the game. There is more content in MoP than in any other expansion. In fact if you try to do it all at once you'll burn yourself out like crazy.
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    if youplayed in bc at all, stay the hell away. this game is getting worse and worse every expansion. it's almost like blizzard doesn't give a rats ass about making the game balanced and fixing the seriously broken parts. Instead, they smash you in the face with more dailies, and keep catering to the terrible players who cry abotu not being able to do everything that the elite players can. I am so sick of this game it isn't even funny anymoe, and if it weren't for talkign to friends in other countries on skype while being bored as fuck in the game, I would uninstall it tomorrow. If you've already managed to leave, do yourself a favour and stay away. Anyone who says this is the best expansion ever likely started in cata and doesn't now what WoW was/should be.

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    For me it's the best expansion so far (and I do play since BC, for the record). Now you have a lot of stuff to do... and when you are bored by one thing, simply choose another one. I don't do any raiding (besides LFR) and I still can't manage to find time to do everything I want. Dailies are actually not that bad, their design has much improved since BC/Wrath and you are not forced to do them unless you want mounts/top reciepes/minor boost to PVE. You asked if it's as boring as Cata. It isn't - the design of quest and instances is now more playfull and fun. The new lore is incredible and fun. Really, they put some really good effort into creating the lore. There is nothing childish about it, only some kind of subtle sillyness which has always been in the Warcraft universe. I guess you should try it... ofc unless you are one of the elitists who want to deny game experience to others, because in MoP all (with the exception of PVP if you have a late start) is only matter of skill...

    And don't listen to opinions which include "Anyone who says MoP is best/worst is ***insert some dismissive statement or indirect insult***", they don't want to share their opinion, they want to force you their opinion. And why would they want to force you their opinion if it wasn't somehow twisted?

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    The best way to find out is to buy a month and try it, you already bought the expansion so the larger financial risk is already done.

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    I would say yes, but, then today after maintenance I discovered they "fixed" the Ruthers' Harness macro spam thing. Devastation ensued :'(

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    Yes it is definitely worth playing. It's a better game than it was before, there is literally too much to do. All this Vanilla/BC nostalgia is hilarious, MoP is simply the superior game. Also, Cataclysm wasn't even that bad either for those of us that played in moderation.

    The problem a lot of players have is they have this mentality of "OMG I WONT ALL DA EPIX NOAW" and they somehow think that they need to get to Exalted with every faction on day one. These are also the players that cried like little bitches that there was never anything to do at max level. You just can't please em. They will complain like 4 year olds no matter what Blizzard do.

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    Ofcourse, for my MoP is the best expansion after BC > been back for 3 months now and still not bored

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    Yeah MoP offers a lot more to do than Cataclysm did...

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    If you think doing dailies is awesome fun and don't mind playing with bots in BGs then MoP could be expansion for you.

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