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    Atrophinius the Festive

    Everyone's mead loving rascal is back to annoy us for the Carnival of the Ascended, but this time he's been working out and doing some upgrading of size and armor

    There will be a new zone event for the Carnival in Cape Jule called "The Jewel of Brevane"

    Starts off harmless enough, set off fireworks, place balloons around Tulan, cook some meat on the barbies.....

    Then, just as you get to unload the booze, along come the party crashers..

    Seeing as i was the only one around on the PTS, Atrophinius the Festive proceeded to slap me up and down the docks a few times

    Sp far that makes a few new zone events incoming for the Carnival event, who knows, might drop tomorrow

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    That guy certainly does not look festive. I hope it drops tomorrow, that would be freaking awesome.

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    nah no announcement at the forum never trion release a content patch so suddenly
    next week

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    What has happened to Rift's fast patch releases? I'm not playing currently but I'm stunned that 2.2 is still not released or ... heck that dendrome or a patch furthering and developing the highest two level zones so they're more diverse hasn't occurred yet. By their old standards, their release schedule since Storm Legion came out is practically sluggish?

    That picture above does look decidedly awesome though.

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    Pretty sure 2.2 is next Wednesday, week after at the absolute latest.

    Not sure how this clarifies as a slowed Patch release cycle, 2.0 was Nov 13th, 2.1 was Dec ~17th. Subtract the Christmas/New Year holidays and it's only been a month and a half since then.

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    I suppose so ... for some reason it just feels slow? Dunno, I remember them being bam bam bam ... this particular patch has felt long. It's probably just one of those perception rather than reality things *shrugs*

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