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    Quote Originally Posted by Spammer of the Horde View Post
    I see what you did there.

    I miss sw:tor's DR system sometimes.
    I'm actually glad Blizzard isn't putting any of SWTOR's pvp systems into their game. That game was trash in a hat when it came to pvp.

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    CC is good, the amount of CC currently in the game is beyond retarded, did paladins really needed 3 different CC on different DRs? One of them being instant aoe?! Warriors having more stun than rogues, on entire different DRs, and insanee mobility. Monks cc is combined with their "i spin trough the entire arena map hell oooo" is absolutly stupid.

    I'm fine with CCs, which i can counter, as a Shaman, im perfectly fine with Frost mage CC, yes, it maybe a bit too much control, but other than pom sheep, all others can be countered either with grounding, with shock, or warstomp (aww yeaaa)
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    I agree that ccs are a good part of pvp, in moderation! I think blanket silences still should be nerfed, and maybe combine a few of the drs together.
    Blanket silences are necessary given the amount of instant and quick heals available in PvP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Blanket silences are necessary given the amount of instant and quick heals available in PvP.
    I would like a silence that would prevent you from casting instant spells but casted spells would be okay....that would go great with RoP. Or even blanket silences.
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