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    Next new vanity item for Engineering

    Troll Bot
    summon an automaton to annoy your enemies

    Use: Says Popular Trolls in General Chat (1 day cool down)

    Phrases known to date:
    Why do they call it invincible when i can clearly see it?
    What is Love?
    Where are Portals?
    Whats the best DPS spec for a Warlock?

    (forum is for fun creative items you would like to see)

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    Pretty sure this belongs in general chat.
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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    Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?
    Why is there no "Demonhunter" hero class yet? He was only the coolest hero in WC3. Get busy Blizzard.

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    I'd love this, I love nods to the community. We kind of already have it with the Glyph of Confessions but this takes it that extra mile.

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