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  • Potatoes

    132 36.46%
  • Pasta

    139 38.40%
  • Rice

    81 22.38%
  • None (can't eat or don't like)

    10 2.76%
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    Quote Originally Posted by AcrobaticMegalodon View Post
    I think alone, and without any modifications(but warming it up, of course), all those 3 foods are gross.
    That's why bread is superior many breads can be eaten alone and still taste awesome.
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    I'm calling it, Republicans will hold congress in 2018 and Trump will win again in 2020.

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    Wouldn't call pasta a staple, might wanna try wheat and instead of potatoes maybe corn, since those are the 3 top macronutrients of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowser View Post
    Lol, all of those 3 staples are healthy. I wonder how Asians can be so skinny when they eat so much rice, or how Italians can look so good while eating pasta almost every day! Don't know much about potatoes.

    Of all 3 I'd go with pasta, why? Because there's rice pasta, and potato pasta (e.g. gnocchi), even vegetable pasta! It comes in many variations and I love it <3
    Asians don't eat all that much rice, their portions are about 1/10th of the amount Americans shove into their face.

    So much diabeetus in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxsz View Post
    Asians don't eat all that much rice, their portions are about 1/10th of the amount Americans shove into their face.

    So much diabeetus in this thread.
    I am sorry but your knowledge is wrong too.

    They contain caloric value and they don't cause diabetes on their own, maybe that's hard to accept.

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    Potatoes. I guess since my native people eat this quite a lot.

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    Potatoes are the best tasting and has a good texture, rice is ok, pasta is gross...I would never eat it alone.

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    Potatoes = rice > > pasta

    No idea how anybody eats any of them just plain though.

    Maybe its just the way I cook rice but it always get mushy after being cooked and needs some kind of other vegetables and soy sauce to go with it.

    Potatoes need gravy or ketchup on them too.

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    I hate you for making me choose between potatoes and rice. HATE.

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    I love potatoes. Boiled potatoes, onion, vinegar, olive oil, oregano some salt BAM you got yourself an awesome potato salad.
    But nowadays rice is rising up a lot on my preference, steamed chicken fillet with half a cup of rice, a special mustard sauce that I make in seconds and BAM instant meal :P
    Regarding the carbo bs, and since you are quoting Greeks: μέτρον ἄριστον. Moderation is best. Chocking in carbos is definitely not a great thing, same goes for almost any kind of food though.
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    Potatoo !!! me gusta mucho and so many ways to make them all u need is a bit of imagination ... 2nd would be pasta and Rice I almost never eat unless I need it in a temporary diet or something....

    Also to that guy saying potatoes give you diabetes lol... just lol.

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    Well that's funny I made a thread EXACTLY like this one about two years or so ago I think.

    Pasta, for the record.
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    Actual staples. They go well with my bowl of nails for breakfast.

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    I prefer rice. Just doesn't feel as heavy as the other two to me. Since I went through a pretty thorough dietary change, rice became my #1 supplement. AND it's low fat. I still try to keep the income low, tho.

    #2 are potatoes, delicious, low fat

    #3 pasta, still love em, but I try to stick to food without pasta

    Lost ~15lbs since I started working out again (in 2,5 months) and stopped eating white flour products, which isn't that fast, but finally a way to eat without having the feeling of missing out on anything


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    Much as pasta and potatoes are delicious in their own right, I prefer rice.

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    I'm italian so

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    Because of this thread, I consider ordering Noodles for dinner.

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    Rice for me, although, being Belgian, I love my fries
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    Cous cous is really good. Anyways, I don't really have a favorite, I like all of them. Although I hate cooking rice because it always sticks in the pan... Damn rice.

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    I voted for rice since alot of the food I cook is accompanied by rice (I love stir frys) I don't normally cook with potato as it takes too damn long to cook and prefer to buy the lazy person's premade mash potato on the rare occasion that I am making something with potato in it... Pasta... I LOVVVE pasta too but I cook with rice way more than Pasta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zdain View Post
    Wouldn't call pasta a staple, might wanna try wheat and instead of potatoes maybe corn, since those are the 3 top macronutrients of the world.
    He probably should have used the word "starches" instead of "staples".

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