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    [Music] Post your Musical Instruments / DJ Gear!!

    Hello musicians of MMO-Champion!

    Do you play a musical instrument? Do you produce music on your little studio? Are you a DJ?

    It is time to brag about your gear! Post some pictures, and don't forget to tell us what is it exactly what we are looking at!
    Remember: please no giant pictures!

    I'll start.

    Below is my 1999 Rickenbacker 4003, and my brand new Kustom DE300 HD bass amp (top) and an also brand new Gallien Krueger Neo115-III 1x15 cab.

    (click for larger)

    Let's see more!
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    What, no musicians in here?

    Oh well. Here is the same equipment again, plus a Kustom 4x10 cab. Taken at our rehearsal room this time.
    My Gaming Setup | WoW Paladin (retired)

    "This is not a dress. This is a sacred robe of the ancient psychedelic monks."

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    My beautiful Cornford Hellcat, behind it a 10watt custom built recording amp sitting on top of a Marshall AVT150, beside it a Hartke 30w Bass practice amp.

    My 1994 Ibanez Jem7V, my prized posession and for many years my main gigging guitar, it has travelled the country and played to thousands of people, it's now retired though and sits in its case only to be used at home or for recording.

    My Peavey 5150 + Marshall 1960A cab, the setup I used during all those years of touring, it lays there gathering dust as it needs some repair work and has been replaced by the Cornford Hellcat as my main amp. Beside it are two of my Fender strats and a 12 string acoustic I was borrowing from a friend.

    All of my Fenders in one place, the bashed up one on the left is one that I restored and rebuilt and it is now my main guitar, next to it is the 1976 Fender Precision Bass, my dads pride and joy now passed down to me after he passed away. It is a guitar with a lot of history and has seen a lot of road wear, still I love it and I play it daily. Next to that we have a Fender Fat Strat FR, the second guitar I bought when I was around 16. Finally the guitar on the end is a bit of a frankinstrat, built up from various parts and again restored into a working guitar.

    There is more, I'm a bit of a hoarder but I don't have photos of it all uploaded, so this will have to do. Hope more people post in this thread!
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    Sadly, i dont have any good pics so wont upload one :/

    BUT, i do have some instruments and stuff:

    4 guitars, 1 electrick as i usely play fingerpicking songs (tommy emanuel)
    1 keyboard (m-audio sono 88)
    1 mic, (Rode nt2a) that i use for teamspeak, guitars and what not
    a preamp for the mic, (focusrite 2i2)
    a Native instrument: machine (drumpad sorta thing, quite nice to have)

    but yeah.. soundcloud in my sig if you are interested.

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    Don't have anything to take a picture with, but I have:

    A Washburn X-22 (Electric Guitar). I've had it for about 7-8 years now, bloody ancient.

    An Ozark 2104G (Banjo)

    And a Yamaha APX500II (Electro-Acoustic)
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    2 Technics 1200, 1 pioneer djm 900, the decks have served me well for + 10 years now without any hickups, just pure quality, only thing I've needed to do is to change needles every now and then. Used to have a djm 800(used to be industry standard really) but upgraded once the djm 900 got released.

    Music collection(+2000 vinyls, not all shown here): electro, nu-disco, deep house, tech house, prog house, techno, a few late 90s trance classics, sold off most of my trance vinyls though, just kept the classics really. You can make good profit selling off oldies.

    I got two Cdjs 900 as well(upgraded from the old djm 1000 mk2s) because frankly these days most of the music I buy is on wave or mp3 format. I still love vinyl but a lot of great music does not get a "proper" release.

    It's a redicules money sink really, but I've always loved it.

    edit: it's probably more like +2500 vinyls tbh
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