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    [Music] Non copyrighted electronic music?

    Hello guys.

    I just wonder if any of you know any producers or studios of electronic music (could be electro, dubstep, anything of that kind) who is giving out permission to use their/his/her songs for videos in Youtube (giving credit, of course) or is easy to get in contact with to talk about the matter.

    I know some producers (specially who publish on Youtube since there they have it really easy to get in touch with people) but I wonder if you could give me any more info about this.

    Thanks guys!

    PS: Since I'm talking about copyrighted stuff I'm sorry if I'm breaking any forum rule of which I'm not awared, please close this post if this is not permitted.

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    I know a couple of guys who have a few tunes that they don't plan to release. They got them up for free download on soundcloud, 320 kpbs.

    Here is one example, soundcloud is a great way to get in contact with people btw.
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    all those are royalty free and you're allowed to use them for youtube.

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