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    [Books] Warcraft Books

    Hey Guys,

    Since Burning Crusade I'm more and more interested in the storyline around the charakters in warcraft, or places. I love reading on wowpedia about continents I don't know.

    So I want to read up that franchise, but I don't know where to start.
    It's like I'm standing in front of 100 books where every story is in a other timeline.

    Which should be the first book?
    Is there a order?
    And are the comic books also important?

    Thank you

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    Eh, I'd start with

    Rise of the Horde
    Last Guardian
    Tides of Darkness
    Beyond the Dark Portal
    Day of the Dragon
    War of the Ancients
    Sunwell Trilogy
    Night of the Dragon
    Cycle of Hatred
    Twilight of the Aspects
    Tides of War

    In that order, I might have forgotten a book or two though.
    And some of the stuff in the comics is semi-important, but sadly the comics are kinda shit really - if we are talking the Varian ones which basically later becomes the "Epic Fail of Med'an".

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    Basically was Ven said.
    Just be aware that some of the books have been turned into compilations such as Chronicles of War and The Warcraft Archive.

    Realistically though there are only one book and one compilation book you need to know the story prior to WoW.

    The first of which is Chronicles of War. Which contains four books of which I believe are sequenced in chronological order the books areThe Last Guardian, Rise of the Horde, Tides of Darkness & Beyond the Dark Portal.
    This is basically you're introduction to the Warcraft story.

    The second book is Lord of the Clans which covers the rise of Thrall as Warchief.

    Excluding the current WoW books the rest are not essential and typically aren't as good as the others. Part of this is down to fact most of those are written by Knaak who's slightly controversial as some people don't like his writing style. But if you would like some bonus material along with my suggested books then go for The War of the Ancients trilogy of which also is in a compilation book.

    The comic books are highly hit and miss to be frank and many people such as myself will just tell you that they're probably best avoided in the end.

    The recent books are all good. Arthas is a great read and is personally one of my favourite Warcraft books.

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