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    Heroic Will 25 man with no DK's?

    Hello,our guild is at 9/16 heroic atm and we decided to go start on heroic Will. Be there is one probelm, we have no DK. We could not find a WoL or any kind of proof that a guild has done this on 25 man without a DK. We are brainstorming atm on what to do, but I thought I would ask the MMO community for their opinion/advice.

    We got mutiple of other classes. What would be the best way to do this fight without a DK?

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    Why exactly to you think you need one? I'm part of a 10man, and though I raid on a DK, we have killed it multiple times when I wasn't in the lineup. I usually go blood manage the strengths and their sparks, but we just had hunters/mage/rogue handle it when I'm not there. Not sure what would be different about 25man that would require a DK.

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    AoE grip is pretty awesome to have if you want a smoother soaking transition on the rages, but not essential as long as they stay closely grouped and die.

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    have a couple of druids, also 1 min cd + knockback
    also svhunter for ae root/slow

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