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    Never played Monster Hunter but willing to buy it

    Hello guys!

    So today at collegue I had a talk with a good friend who's a big fan of this franchise, Monster Hunter. He started to show me videos about the new Monster Hunter which is getting released next month (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate if I recall correctly). The thing is that I liked (somewhat) what I saw and what I heard.

    The real deal is that I'm not totally sure if this game would be a good buy for me since I never played any Monster Hunter, I trully love Open-World games with character progression (Skyrim and WoW for instance) but I'm not totally aware of this game mechanics/characteristics so I fear buying it and not liking it.

    I heard that there's a pack coming when the game gets released which includes the game and a 3DS XL, which is totally something I look forward since I really would like to have a portable console and I heard that the 3DS is probably the best portable console to buy right now.

    Everything right now is cool to me, even if I don't like it I would still play it a bit for sure since it's an open world game with character progression, but the thing that concerns me the most is that the 3DS version doesn't come with an online mode, which tooooootally sets me back and makes me feel like not wanting to buy.

    What should I do? Is the lmultiplayer a must-have in this game? Which characteristics of this game that I'm not still aware of could I enjoy? (I'm a huge fan of TES and WoW).

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    Nobody that played Monster Hunter who could tell me if this game will be worth buying?

    Will this game look any pixelated on 3ds XL?
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