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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    There's a feature I'd been toying around with for a demon hunter that is more of a Rage + Ruinic Power sort of thing.

    It starts at 0 and certain attacks build it up. If its below a certain value you can only use your most basic of attacks. Then at a certain value, like 20, more abilities unlock. And this upward trend continues until at 100 your finishers become available. And using a finisher resets the bar to 0.

    It'd have great burst, making it good for bosses and PvP, but I'm not sure if it'd be good for trash and soloing.
    Sounds horrible. If there was little ramp up time would be OP, too much and it'd need to oneshot in PvP to be worth using in PvE, otherwise people would just look to scorch weave and use all but the finisher to avoid ruining their DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Why would you be able to macro this anymore than you would be able to macro overpower going off automatically when it proc's as you spam mortal strike or colossus smash. There are plenty of proc abilities in this game you cannot macro to one button, and this would just be a similar chain of procs, would it not?
    Yep just like in Tera where you "proc" the next komboskill if you land the triggerskill.

    Oh jeah unlike wow you need to actually aim in tera so it is quite possible to not land a skill due to the mob moving.

    Guess it would not work in wow since the only way to miss is not having enough hit% so in the end it would just work like a macro.

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