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    Shaman Suggestions

    Hello all. For the past few weeks I have been thinking of some ideas for the shaman class and feel like posting them in a new thread since I feel that more people will be able to see and comment on them since I will be going over quite a few things. So let me begin .

    All Shamans 1) Let all shamans be able to double element enchant weapons. I will go further into the enchants later but I think this would be a step up to balancing the specs.
    2) Let totems be off the gcd but share a gcd with each other.
    3) Let weapon imbues be off the gcd.


    1) With EQ, I think it should put a stacking debuff on the target so that everytime it ticks and doesn't knock the enemy down, they gain a 5% chance for it to knock people back with EQ, ES, Lb, and CL. This will make you actually use it more and help you set up with TS to knock the target further back.

    2) Another one with EQ for pve would be to possibly allow ES to hit all targets who are being ticked by it or maybe make it have a chance to cast a lightning bolt instantly.


    1) Make mastery count for our ST and FE totem. This was thought of before they increased the dmg the elemental totems do to 70% to make it an option instead of UE but still could be good.

    2) While our AoE is ok I really hate the ramp-up time. I haven't really thought of any fixes but it would be nice to use without FlS. I thought of making Fire Nova work like the old mage fire aoe where it was just a circle around them. I think it was called Explosion? I think it would be nice for mobs that really don't work with our ramp up time.

    3) Reduce the mana cost to Ancestral Spirit on someone, but this is mostly due to if you wipe and you are somehow the only one that can single target rez if everyone has the Mass Rez debuff on.


    1) I think it would be interesting to make their current mastery just a % to healing lower health targets more and to have their new mastery as being able to use shocks to heal and increase the healing they do. Also make it so that when they use a shock to heal the target gets a temp buff of half of what the negative effect as a positive. For example Frost Shock reduces the target's speed by 50% for 8 secs, well when they use it on a friendly target they get a 25% speed bonus for 8 secs. (might want to adjust the time it stays since this would be nice for pvp).

    2) Make it so that ES can reset the stacks for Earth Shield on the tank. This just feels more dynamic to me personally.


    First Tier- I think is good over all. Lot of choices depending on what you feel you like.
    Second Tier- Pretty good overall. Third Tier- I think CotE and TR are ok but I would make projection baseline and add a talent that allows you to have another totem of the same type out.

    Fourth Tier- I do like everything here. Maybe a few fixes but good overall.
    Fifth Tier- Pretty well overall and they are fixing it in 5.2 to make more options for the specs. I think they should make it so that Enh and Ele get a buff everytime they SS and LvB so they can cast it instantly for 3 secs.This would avoid losing dps, except for that 1 gcd to cast it and it would not undo the cd.

    Sixth Tier- I think UE and PE are ok. I think that they should make it so that Elemental Blast gives you a % of those stats and includes Int for Elem and Spirit for Resto.

    Elemental Weapons

    Again as I said before, let all shaman specs have access to 2 imbues and be able to use all of them without suffering from gcd. I would say make them like rogue posions (I may get flamed for this) and have that specs main imbue be mainhand and any of the other ones become offhand only and replace the offhand. Also each could be redesigned based on each spec.Elemental
    Windfury- either allow your ES or LB to gain a free instant charge like the lock conflag and when it pops up shots it for free.

    Flametongue- works the same but now has a % chance for FlS to tick twice and applies a 2 sec Dot when you hit with LvB called Wildfire. When it runs out, it will go to another nonCCed target and tick for that dmg.

    Frostbrand- makes it so that when a pve target is 25% or below or you are targeting an enemy, FrS will do 2x dmg and ignore the threat inc. basically an excute type imbuned and a pvp one so you can still slow the person down and be a bit more bursty.
    Rockbiter- 5% dmg reduction and everytime you use lava burst, you get a 10% dmg reduction buff for 3 secs and when you are in GW you cannot go below 100% speed. Basically throwing the glyph in here so that way there are 2 different ways you can play.

    Earthliving- increases heals on you by 5% and whenever you cast LvB you get a HoT for 2 secs equal to 10% of the dmg dealt. Basically if you need small heals for fights switch to this imbue to heal yourself. EnhancementWindfury- Same as live.
    Flametongue- See Wildfire debuff from Elemental but with Lava Lash.Frostbrand- Same as Elemental. Rockbiter- Same as Elemental except dmg reduction is caused by SS and LL.
    Earthliving- Same as Elemental except HoT is caused by SS & LL. Restoration
    WindFury- Allows you to have a chance to gain another useage of your shock spells whenever you use one to heal.
    Flametongue- Wildfire caused by the intial hit of FiS (it heals for this much over 2 secs), and each time FlS ticks, it can put the Wildfire healing on a different target (as healing only).

    Frostbrand- 2x healing for FrS, and whenever you use FrS to dmg you can reset the cooldown of Riptide.

    Rockbiter- Same as Elemental but with Shock spells causing the 10% dmg reduction for 3 seconds.
    Earthliving- Same as live but whenever you shock, you get a HoT that heals you for 10% of the dmg done over 2 seconds.

    Sorry for the terrible format. I copy and pasted it because I knew it would lot me out by typing off of this and it messed it up and I don't know how to fix it as you can see.
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