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    Where will we get rid of DMC trinket?

    ... as subject says. Is there any trinket at normal mode of the new raid instance that can actually substitute the DMC?

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    What spec?
    Fairly certain most, if not all, of them.
    DMC wasn't even BIS compared to the heroic t14 trinkets (from simcraft, the difference wasn't major and the proc on vortex could make it less ideal on certain fights / strategies)

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    im wondering that myself. I still havent spent any vps since im not sure what to get. the valor trinket seems nice, yet i dont know which one to ditch in order to use it (dmc and lei shen normal, both upgraded 2/2. my guts would tell me lei shen i guess). might end up getting a neck and ring since they are pretty good, and theres a buttload of trinket from ToT. this is for 2h frost

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    The valor trinket is great if you can make room for the expertise.

    I can't, so I bought the neck and I'll wait to see what horridon drops next week before I make any more decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiira View Post
    The valor trinket is great if you can make room for the expertise.

    I can't, so I bought the neck and I'll wait to see what horridon drops next week before I make any more decisions.
    what would you give up for it tho, dmc or lei shens? the exp is indeed a problem, even reforging all exp im still sitting at about 8.17%, no way to change that until i get a new 2h sword (running elegon's)

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    Honestly I don't know.

    The darkmoon card is the worst of the three t14 trinkets on paper, but haste is never as good as it looks on paper so I just don't know.

    That being said, if you have much less than about 8k haste you probably don't want to be dropping any, so replace the darkmoon card.

    I can appreciate your expertise problem. I have 9.5% hit as dw frost.

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    not sure simcraft or AMR have the trinkets correctly weighted yet - still says my 2/2 upgraded relic of xuen is best for me (with the shado pan one) outside of heroic modes o.O

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    I wouldn't trust simcraft with anything related to death knights at the moment.

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    The Spark trinket is behaving better right now than it should be. About a 10% higher uptime than it should. There was a report on EJ stating that the rppm rate for trinkets was still using attack speed instead of the haste % number, like GC said was changing.

    Basically the sims are lower than it is on live right now (and probably the others too, that revolve heavily around procs), but if this change gets fixed, they will fall more in line with the sims.

    Also, as we get more gear in this tier, Str goes up and up, so the DMF trinket which is 100% str both static and the proc, definitely holds up fairly well.
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    I know as Ret Pally, If I get the Haste trinket from Norm Ill be replacing mine as it is not very good for us.

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    i got a thunderforged http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/96098 trinket last night, its kind of crap as it doesn't proc at the right times, i spent an hour testing all the trinkets i have 5min timed tests, and with self buffs only, no food. that crappy new trinket surprisingly was pulling anywhere from 1-5k more dps(yes huge rng range) but still more overall. i still hate it, it seems to have a mind all on its own as to when it will proc the first time, on one attempt it didn't proc until 4min into the test. but overall after multiple tries it averaged more. so for now in raid i'll try it with my upgraded lei trinket over my upgraded dmc or upgraded vortex. the hit reforged to haste feels perfect now for me i'm sitting at about 73% haste, sim'd it thou and it showed it at 1k less than upgraded vortex, but in actual testing wasn't the case it beat vortex everytime.

    overall i would think any of the dps trinkets at 522 will beat upgraded dmc now. dmc is nice for lots of adds thou, as you'll have that str up once per minute and it times with lei trinket quite nice, but overall take anyone you can get, i'd imagine your guild does decay anyways so why just sit on your pr
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    I got the feather as well, normal version though.

    I don't really like it at all. Sometimes it will proc back to back and other times I'll 4-5 minutes with a proc.

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    I got the Spark trinket normal version

    It procced exactly 4 times during the whole combat wich lasted about 8,5mins (megaera), 15% uptime, 1-2 mins for the first 10 stacks....

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