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    Very general question: Are concealment operatives still garbage?

    I can't post on SWTORs main site because I'm not a subscriber, but concealment operatives were very badly nerfed since 1.2 anbd continued to get nerfed.

    Has much changed?

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    The dps is 10% lower, but you can heal yourself in battle + range/meele dps.

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    easily the clunkiest class out of all of them

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    Apparently they got buffed in 2.0 but I don't know cos char copy fails every time for my op.

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    They seem to be very gear dependant since some of them kill me in 2-3 hits while others can hit on me for 5 minutes and not do any damage at all.

    Edit: I'm a healing operative.

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    I main a Scoundrel and I would say that Operatives/Scoundrels are fairly good. Really good burst, have low CD on their defensive abilities and a very fun unique class. 2.0 is buffing them a lot and make them more viable. I would definitely suggest you to gear up and start PvPing
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    they are definately better than for example mercs in a pvp enviroment... stealth/ high burst/ survivability. They were nerfed from one-hitting people with their opener rotation and in general, raids don't favor melee classes and compared to a marauder, doesn't have any group buffs. Beyond that... I'm thinking of changing my heal operative to a concealment spec.

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