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    Warlock, Warrior or WW Monk from the PTR?

    So I am actually returning from a long break and going to focus a bit on PVE and PVP.

    I've played a monk till around level 15 before taking a break. This was way back in October just immediately after MoP launched.

    I am looking for a class that I've never played before. And all these 3 fall in that category including shamans and rogues. But I don't really find the latter 2 any interesting. Which one of the classes are looking good moving ahead in 5.2?

    I would love to download the PTR but my internet speed is kinda crappy and it would take me a day or two. So its either a Warrior, Lock or Windwalker Monk.

    Thanks all.
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    They will all be viable in 5.2. Pick whichever you think you will prefer the most. 5.2 will be considerably more alt friendly and you will be able to gear the other classes if you become bored of your initial choice.

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    Oh goody.. Another "what shall I play"-thread...
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    I'd suggest look through the relevant forums for each class and draw your conclusions instead of getting others to give you summaries. In the end, its your playstyle that matters.
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