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    this happened to me on numerous occasions already. usually on ragnarok, especially if there are looter mobs in the area.

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    I was out on the drink last night and knocked this guy out. He dropped his phone when he hit the deck. Some little guy picked it up and bolted of with it. That was supposed to be my phone.

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    you just got ninjaed. XD

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    In my very first MC run back in vanilla, I was set to get every single Might piece on my war. Seriously, every single part dropped in my first run, and the other war had no need for them (he had AQ gear and was just along for shits). Then the shoulders dropped. The entire guild had been hootin' and hollerin' the whole run, cheering every time a piece dropped, because nobody had ever seen someone get a full set in one run. Shoulders dropped, people started giving me gratz and what not...and the fucking master looted 'oops'd' them to the other fucking warrior. He said the addon he was using for ML (I have no idea, to be honest) fuckered up and he clicked the wrong name. Several weeks later, we found out that that war wanted the shoulders because he had already vendored his, and thought they looked cool, so he paid the ML 200g for them. Back up to the night of the drop, our guild got into such a goddamn fight over this, people were ticketing GMs, people were leaving the guild, people were just throwing one hell of a tantrum. Hell, I was too. The war got booted from the guild, I ended up taking his place in AQ progression, and eventually got the AQ shoulders (clown suit for the win!). He whispered me some time down the road and tried to apologize for it, said he was just jealous that it took him weeks of running to get something that took me only a few hours (the complete might set), and that he wanted me to vouch for him to get back into the guild. I put him on ignore and never saw him again.

    Over half the guild left over that one single incident (that is, when we found out the ML got paid to rip me off). It was devastating. What someone was willing to do for a few gold. It totaled our guild completely. I never made it back into MC in Vanilla, and as a matter of fact I never got the shoulders on that war. I have probably a million stories involving missed master looting, loot ninjas, etc, but that one really takes the cake for me. How someone 'ninja'ing' one single item in a raid could devastate an entire guild like that, all due to simple greed and jealousy.
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    you just got ninjaed. XD
    Yes they are everywhere!

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    There'll always be ppl who will take stuff they don't even need just to annoy other ppl and because this mostly happens on random grps they will care even less. Like when you just hit the lvl cap and are gearing and ppl are whinging about your low dps and need your stuff because you suck in their eyes... Yeeeh to the elitist jerks ( yes this really happend)
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    Nope, please explain homie.
    I do remember when i started in 2005 I didn't know you should generally greed on things, so I just clicked need in the first couple of dungeons I joined ^^

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    No because I never assume that when an item drops that it is automatically mine.

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