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    PvP will be unplayable in 5.2 unless they do some serious resilience buffing.

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    So PvP season ends on 5th of March. So we wont get 5.2 until the 12th?

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    Yeah, like expected, people ignored the first two lines and scrolled down to their own class' changes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by badmadz View Post
    Ever played one?
    Sorry but if you are in a group, where all players have the exactly same itemlevel in every slot....well, look for the assasin in the lower dps regions. Looking at theoretical dps charts....well, assasins are everytime in the lower part. And not only in the beginning of MoP some guild mates and me went through dungeons, all nearly the same item-lvl in all slots. It was a little wonder that the healer was not a place before me in dps.
    So it is time for a litte buff.
    Rogues are in a great place, both in simulation and in practise, you're probably doing something wrong.
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    Would love to see some more mana redux for druid least for pvp. Shit's getting out of hand @ times.

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    Finally, some much needed Destruction buffs.

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    Finally some Frost dk buffs, muchly needed!

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    The place with the thing.
    Aimed Shot damage +10%.
    Chimera Shot damage +50%.
    Steady Shot damage +20%.
    Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +15%.

    You mean I don't have to be BM anymore?! Hell yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ickabob View Post
    Aimed Shot damage +10%.
    Chimera Shot damage +50%.
    Steady Shot damage +20%.
    Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +15%.

    You mean I don't have to be BM anymore?! Hell yeah!
    Its about time they buffed MM and SV single target. Just made my day. Need patch now.

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    wow, 4 pages of people who can´t even spell, but yet think they can give conclusive opinions about the state of class balance for a patch they probably never even tested, and certainly don´t have the math skills to comprehend.

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    I play a DK main.

    We don't need damage buffs. We need survivability buffs against melee. That's what DKs have been asking for. Not more damage.

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    Dk's didn't need those damage buffs (frost). They needed some survivability tweaks.
    Ret doesn't need Avenging Wrath cd lowered, they need more sustained damage, less clunky mechanics.
    Destro and Demo got some much needed changes but Affliction remains untouched?
    Arcane needs to be completely reworked and Mage level 90 talents scrapped.
    Nice to see Ele receive the a buff for once but still need dispel protection for flame shock.

    I'm glad I heal/tank now because the roller-coaster that is playing dps was so annoying.

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    actually it isnt that bad, Most of our damage is from Auto attacks > Execute > Raging blow, and so on it will not be that bad when we can stack up more rage for Colossus smash with the haste buff and the Bloodsurge change, If you can Stack the rage properly then you will be able to do some crazy numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ickabob View Post
    Aimed Shot damage +10%.
    Chimera Shot damage +50%.
    Steady Shot damage +20%.
    Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +15%.

    You mean I don't have to be BM anymore?! Hell yeah!

    meh back to learning how to play SV, MM dosen't interest me in the slightest...

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    Mmmmm, all these dericious Shadow Priest buffs... And I was just starting to get beat in the damage meters too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitre27 View Post
    In PvP, sure, in PvE the damage will be useful, they've obviously tested the damage of the classes in the new tier of gear and buffed accordingly.
    Even in PvE, frost DK doesn't last long during heavy physical damage periods when heals are lacking. Most classes have better damage reduction CDs.

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    All Season 12 items will cost Honor Points (equivalent to their previous Conquest Point cost) when the season ends, with the exception of any items with rating requirements attached. These items will no longer be available for purchase. will be able to survive but you wont be able to kill anything if you have not gotten your pvp weapons.

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    Can someone please explain the "sea of buffs" Fury Warriors are supposedly getting in 5.2 that warrants the respective damage decreases? I check the patch notes just about every day. All I ever see after locating the Warrior section is "Arms: blah blah blah...." I'm having trouble reconciling Blizzard's latest patch notes with what I've read in past 5.2 patch notes. Did I miss something?
    And yea, Fury Warriors only use Wild Strike when everything else is on CD.

    ** I guess the outcry was loud enough for the nerfs to be retracted. A nerf on Execute along with a reduction of Reckless' CD are much more palatable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vzz View Post
    i would say: spell copy, not spell steal
    yeah. My bad
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