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    Enhancement DPS Help

    I'm in the process of main changing and I'm looking to try and get my Enhancement Shaman's DPS as close as I can to my Affliction Warlock's (100k range). Both of my characters are just about equally geared, but my DPS is about 15k lower on my Shaman.

    As a new poster I cannot post links so here is my information:
    My character is Mäzrim on Area 52 Guild Verbal Dysentery
    For World of Logs U.S. Area 52, Guild Name: V.D.

    For my priority list I do:
    Fire Totem
    Unleash Elements
    MSWx5 LB
    MSWx3 LB if Unleashed Fury is up
    FS, when Unleash Flame is up and FS is not
    I hold off on using Ascendance, Fire Elemental Totem, and Ghost Wolves until I have at least one trinket proc.
    Thank you in advance for the help!

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    I usually Start off with the following:

    On 5 sec countdown, I start at 2 Secs:
    *Prepot Agility Potion
    *Fire elemental Totem (Has the longest duration)
    *Spirit Wolves + Goblin Racial Berserker's Rage
    *Unleash Elements + Flame Shock (Gets my wolves and FeT going after the boss)
    *Stormlash Totem (Once Im at the boss autoattacking him down)

    Searing Totem or FeT
    Unleash Elements(Since i am specced into unleash)
    MSWx5 Lighting bolt
    MSWx<3 Lighting bolt (If nothing else is ready or off c/d yet)
    Flameshock (If Flameshock is not already on the boss and glyphed)
    Earth Shock

    I typically use my Ascendance, Ghost Wolves, FeT, and Stormlash (coordinate with other shamans) on c/d or I'll wait a few seconds to make sure I get the full duration depending on the encounter of course. Wolves can also be used as a healing c/d (W/glyph they are awesome for this)

    I recommend downloading Enhaprio, or Shockandawe as an addon. EnhaPrio is awesome cause it puts my spell c/ds right under my feet. (Moveable bar) Which makes it easy for me to follow along with the encounter and watch my CD's. I basically have all my Major C/d's Memorized. I also have healing rain on my bar, for those times when I have 5 stacks and we are taking lots of damage and I hear my healers struggling in Skype. I'll throw one down to help out during times when the raid is taking damage and we are stacked up or spread out closely enough to hit the majority. I can do about 30k HPS and 100kDPS on the Spirit binder this way. 5 stack healing rain w/maelstrom 100% healing increase and Conductivity = win for some fights. Just a suggestion to help out your raid group, Only takes away 1 lighting-bolt basically. Sorry for blabbing on, but I love my Enhancement shaman.

    Good Luck!

    Thats how I usually do it. I am typically do a good amount of DPS and rank occasional as well.
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    You guys are prioritizing MSWx3 with UF debuff too highly. Stormstrike, Lava Lash (w/ 5x SF), and Unleash Elements are still ahead of it. Hard-casting LB when you can use SS, LL, or UE instead is gonna hurt you in the end.

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