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    It will be interesting to see what they do about the tier bonuses though, not just me who feels they're a bit crap? faster wolves is meh since they do pretty crappy damage anyway, why wasnt it ascendance like Elemental?

    Also I got annoyed that they nerfed UF for Enhancement and tried to buff the other 2 talents, they're STILL not good enough. The double dipping of +% LB Dmg as well as having all your melee abilities a chance to proc Lightning Shield still trumps the Primal Elementalist and the Elemental Blast in terms of PvE. I guess the ele / spell might be good in PvP?

    I like that our cleave is getting a little bit buffed (though ele got the much better side of that) as well as our self healing, Ancestral Guidance is going to be a MUCH better heal CD than Healing Tide Totem in 99% of circumstances, depending on when you use it.
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    TBH, I wished they would make EB a bit more attractive for Enhancement. It's just too clunky to use right now. It's not a replacement for LB yet it still takes away the resources need for LB. Same with CL which means I can't keep the buff up while cleaving. It's just annoying and even if they decoupled it from MW hard-casting still feels odd. Personally I would like to see it instant cast or castable while moving without interrupting Auto Attacks and a cast time no longer than a single GCD.

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    Imo Id take EB if it functioned to replace earth shock... Or 100% replaced lightning bolt as Enhance... But PE is boringggggggg
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