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    Storm Earth and Fire tracking + Weak Auras?

    Trying to figure out how to track this new ability on the PTR.

    I figure it could be done with WeakAuras, but I'm not savvy enough to know how, since it doesn't leave a debuff on the target.

    What I'd like is a simple text display showing the target name I summoned a spirit on; two text displays if I have two spirits up.

    Combat log shows this when you summon one:
    [Your] Storm, Earth and Fire summoned [Earth Spirit].
    [Your] Storm, Earth, and Fire applied [You].
    [You] cast Storm, Earth, and Fire [Raider's Training Dummy].

    (Yes, there's a comma missing in one of the tooltips)

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I'll second this.
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    Try this out;

    Way it works is since you gain a buff on yourself with either 1 or 2 stacks it's simply looking for the buff you have then displays the aura depending on what # of stacks you have. Since I have no idea what you actually wanted the aura to say for certain it just made it as an icon with it saying 1 or 2 spirits; of course you can change the aura type from icon to text and then change what it displays to your liking.

    It's not anything super fancy but you don't need it to be super fancy.

    *Please note that this aura will only work on PTR currently (edit - you can technically load it on live as well but it obviously won't work so if you wanted to see it in action (so to speak) try it on PTR.
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    Ah, thanks, but that's not what I wanted. What I want to track is what target my spirits are attacking.

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    D'oh. I definitely didn't read that part, lol. That would take some custom LUA coding of which I'm not aware how to do. You might be able to manipulate coding from something like FortExorcist that shows target names that have your debuffs on them to show the targets name but unsure.

    There is a possibility of doing this through WA I believe but would have to pull the spirits target of target and print the name of the mob it's attacking, though I'm not 100% if you can pull that through the combat log.

    Try posting this on the wow ace forum for WA, might have better luck there.

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