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    Don't forget about ice floes. With the changes it works quite well now.

    As for 5.2 the way it looks now if you want the most dps you'll play fire otherwise you can play whatever you want. At least frost isn't quite as far behind as live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crittler View Post
    lol.. relax with the scorch nerf... you have had scorch for a single content patch. just place yourself between the attenuations, and you might get a frostbolt off.
    Woot, thats neat. Comparing to casting while moving o// (and maybe dying on attenuations so no dps anymore )

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    Good luck getting 2x FoF and brainfreeze(if NT) for AT combo's.. specially on pull before trinkets run out.

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    I will probably see myself going back to fire in 5.2 with invocation and see how things advance over the weeks into 5.2.
    No one currently has a real answer to what will be the best thing to go with in 5.2, but looking at what would probably be the most comfortable thing for me to do. I'd probably go fire.

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    For Frost stationary single-target:

    Invocation change: 4% loss
    Freeze change: 3 - 4% loss
    Frostbolt buff: 5% gain
    FoF buff: 1.5 - 2% gain

    Overall it is break-even, but with worse mobility/cleave/burst.

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    In single-target (with 4T15), Frostbolt is more around 30% than 20% dps so the gain is more around 7% than 5%.

    For cleave/multi targets, IL's cleave will be buffed by 10% and Frozen orb proc rate is also buffed. Freeze work on non-immune add (like on Horridon). I don't think it's worse because it dn't change a lot.

    For burst, it's once every minute (was every 30s) but it feel more bursty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidd View Post
    So with the PTR changes pretty much set---
    They're set? I wasn't aware of that.

    Also, there are probably 10 other threads you could have replied to, many of them being about Arcane .-.
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    No offense, but we do have like 4 other threads directly dedicated to 5.2 and what it means for Mages. If you have any concerns, feel free to post in one of them. For the sake of keeping the boards clean, I'm locking this (no one did anything wrong, it's just slightly redundant).

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