Found some pictures I have had stored for years. Most from WotLK, but feel free to add your own nostalgic pictures so we can reflect on the past with rose tinted glasses.

Back when you could edit Spell Effect levels:

Another example (hey, a hunter Volley!)

My Paladin UI with all the old Pally blessings (remember Pally Power?)

Raiding SW bank during a For The Horde raid. Held it for a good hour.

Back when TK was still hard even at 80. We got by on the skin of our teeth.

Old Sepulcher, little bug we found

That WotLK login screen (plus a Blizz mistake )

Cluttered Mage UI during Trial of the Champion

Troll Raid I was a part of

Back when tank queues were long (this was a one time occurrence, Tank queues were never long

Another bug, ICC Buff applied to all player pets for some reason for that day

TotC raid