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    VP going into 5.2 as a DK.

    So last night I finally got a raid-level weapon...LFR Starshatter. After this week I will have 1485 VP, would it be worth it to double upgrade my weapon (484 iLvl) and go into the new patch with 985 VP (and the option to cap it's first week for 1985 the week it drops), or forget the weapon and go in with 2485 VP?

    This is of course assuming that it's March 5/6th as a lot has indicated and seeing the only non-LFR raiding I've done was heroic Will, so I don't raid much, though that could change in the future.
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    It's not sha-touched so forget it.

    Save your VP and aim to get a ToT RF one, there's like 3.

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    It really depends on your gear level overall. The stats on the valor gear are not amazing but if you are in raid finder gear, the ilvl alone is enough to want an upgrade.

    Someone in near bis gear may want to skip valor cap and just upgrade. They won't get as much out of the items since the itemization isn't amazing.

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    Yeah that's what I was thinking. Since I'm not even getting the 500str gem out of it I'd rather get a ToT weapon. And yeah at 480 iLvl just the upgrade to 496/522 is enough to make it desirable.
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    I was looking at VP pieces for DW Frost DK and considering cost/stats on the pieces I'm thinking neck--->cloak/trinket--->trinket/cloak would be best, depending on how fast you get rep.
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