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    Lei Shi dagger

    I understand that there is post already about LFR version of this weapon. But i feel need to make another about normal/heroic version too.
    Well, i cleared ToES pretty much each week, since they opened it, coined almost every time, and STILL dont have my dagger...

    I mean this content was all about getting extra PVE cookies from Wrathion, to upgrade your weapon, but iti s kinda annoing to not have one .
    Soo i think that players SHOULD be maybe even given that weapon, or there should be made super-higher chance to get it from coin, if you coin it.

    I dont wanna complain by this post, i understand that RNG is RNG (yes im raiding 10s, main guild grp -25man, had plenty of these..).

    Does any1 else have same issue as i do?

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    It's not specific to the Lei Shi dagger. I spent 14 weeks in ICC with pre-ToC daggers running 10 and 25 man every week (variable boss kills on the 25) until I finally got 2 daggers. The first dagger I saw (7 weeks in! ~20 dagger-dropping boss-kills) was... won by a hunter. Thank god they took out stat sticks that other people actually use...

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    Well, i wouldnt rly mind it. But i dont have any Sha touched weapon. And with sha touched gem and that shizzle to add extra socked still in my bags just feel wrong.

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    I've killed H Lei Shi 8 times now, coining her every time. Still no dagger. Loads of trinkets though (vendored 3 now).

    I feel your pain, buddy.

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    Random loot is 100% bad design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    I've killed H Lei Shi 8 times now, coining her every time. Still no dagger. Loads of trinkets though (vendored 3 now).

    I feel your pain, buddy.
    Dont worry in 2 weeks we will be in new content. and then i will make new post about weapons dropping there!

    PS: even glaive from Illidan back in TBC dropped more offen then this D:

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    I'm still using a christmas tree and a blue heroic dagger. Its not even lei shi dagger as about ANY dagger.

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    it's kinda funny i killed heroic stone guards 3 times and 2 times the dagger dropped
    and also lei shi drops the dagger like 60-75% of the times i killed it :P

    (sorry had to say it )

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    Just after posting that, the lfr version of the dog dagger dropped. Its something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drexra View Post
    Just after posting that, the lfr version of the dog dagger dropped. Its something!
    Yeah I never got my daggers to drop either. Finally stuck with combat because of drops and ask to raid on my lock

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    I use the normal dagger to transmog my locks pvp dagger. MUAHAHFDUHASUDHFUHUHAA

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    Got 8 HC Lei Shi kills myself (missed one kill tho). Dagger dropped on 1st and 2nd kill. Since then we got 0 drops (tho both rogues coining it every week).
    For comparison casters coined 5 (five) DPS thinkets from Sha HC out of two kills, plus 3 trinkets dropped.

    RNG is RNG.
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    We have killed Lei Shi heroic since the first week. Every week all 3 of our rogues coined it. We have 2 daggers in total spread amongst the 3 main rogues.

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    Talking of poor loot, I still don't have my four set physically punched my desk after killing empress on LFR last night.
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    We have the opposite problem - daggers every week and no rogue in our 25 man raid!

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    I don't have even finished the quest for the gem XD but i see a lot of rogues with it.
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    it took me 14 kills and a coin on each kill for elegon to get my caster trinket(only seen two this entire tier)

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    As far as I'm concerned, Lei Shi's dagger is an urban legend.
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    Same with the fist from Empress, 9 kills with 9 coins used and it's ONLY just dropped this week, that's like 5 weeks after we killed Sha HC, making it pretty much worthless (Aside from logs), dagger hasn't dropped on HC either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aluminum View Post
    Random loot is 100% bad design.
    it is one of the purest steamy piles of poop.

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