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    Best places to learn about specific pvp classes?

    As the title suggest i'm looking for a website/youtube channel that has quality tips on how to play a class in pvp (Preferably rogue). Any advice appreciated.


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    Skill-capped, you can read the forums for free/some of the vids.

    Other than that check out...


    Select PvP Ranks, and then you can see the builds, glyphs, gems, comps, spec, EVERYTHING for every class.

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    Yea skill capped also gets updated often, it's the best website to learn.

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    Access to the vids is super cheap to. 5 bucks for a month its totally worth it. You could find thevsame info for free somewhere else but it would take all day. On skill capped it will take 2 min. My time is easily worth the 5 dollars.
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    you don't need to rely on paid services to get better though, just use arena junkies and well try to get better by yourself

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