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    ★★(A) Reminisce - Brand New Reroll Guild - Open ★★


    We are the management of the reroll guild Reminisce.

    Reminisce was founded on the 6th of January 2013 with the intent to create a thriving community project in which to relive and/or experience older content in the game at the level it was intended. With a designated break for each raiding tier from Vanilla up until the current (40/60/70/80/85/90)

    Just over a month into the project we have cleared Vanilla content and continue to strengthen our vibrant and enthusiastic community. With over 40 accounts (all active within a three day period) we are by far the most active of these projects currently. We have many events planned including, gnome runs, suicide jumps, scavenger hunts and Friday night fight night. So why not come and enjoy the fun!

    Were you one of those who missed out on content at the time? Are you simply bored of the current content and fancy a change in class? Are you new to the game and desire a community in which to level and learn the ropes? Well Reminisce is here to offer you just that and ITS NOT TOO LATE - Join us now for level 70 content!

    What we aim to achieve:

    * A brand new start within the game alongside passionate and ambitious players.
    * A guild with a firm emphasis on community.
    * A chance to be part of an initial setup, where your ideas and views matter.
    * A management team with a wealth of knowledge within high-end raiding guilds.
    * Fair and progressive loot distribution
    * A solidified end-goal without deviation from such.

    What we'd require from potential applicants:

    * Passionate - We are looking for players to have a real desire to play the game. Levelling can be a tiring process for some and we require dedication.

    * Intelligence/Maturity - We are an adult guild (18+) and expect players to act in an appropriate fashion.

    * Etiquette - We require our players to conduct themselves in a manner in which will not bring drama or the guilds name into dispute.

    * Proactive - We need players to who want to contribute and involve themselves within the community. This being a reroll project we need people to be able to read up on their classes and want to really make their new toon the best it can be.

    * Activity - Our aim is create a thriving community. Where we understand that real life comes first we require players to be able to level at decent speed and be avalaible to participate in guild events and raids.


    *Our Faction is Alliance
    *We are on the PVE server Shadowsong
    *Our aim is to build a 25man guild.
    *We require all applicants to be 18+ - however players who are able to demonstrate maturity and able to sync with our overall vision of community will be considered.
    *Our proposed raiding times are Monday 20:30-23:00 - Wednesday 20:30-23:00 and Sunday 20:00-23:00
    *We are open to players wishing to transfer as long as you fall within the guild current bracket.

    So if you're interested in experiencing Outland content in a thriving community, please dont hesitate to contant an officer in game or visit our website.

    We are open to all exceptional applications, though we are in need of the following specifically:

    1 - Death Knight (2) *Highest Priority**
    2 - Warrior (2) Fury/Arms *Highest Priority**
    3 - Monk (3) *Highest Prority* - Currently none in the guild!
    4 - Mage (1) *Low*
    5 - Warlock (1) *Low*

    We have opened our recruitment a little wider to hopefully attract a few more players to the project - at the moment we are interested in a few more quality DPS to help us on our endeavours in Outland and beyond.

    *Thodun (GM)
    *Baldomar (Officer) Marger#2286

    Our mission statement can be found here:
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    *updated slightly*

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    Front page updated with all our recent raids and events.

    We are now 10 days away from our first TBC raid - please apply today and dont miss your chance to join an amazing project.

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    Roll up Roll Up.

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    Up up up and away.

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    Swooop Da Wooooop

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    Up up down down, no up.

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    Bump bumo bump

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    Updated recruitment - we'd very much like to recruit 2 rogues and 1 or 2 shaman and our TBC roster is nigh on complete!

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    If anyone would like to discuss the project further please feel free to contact me on my Battletage: Marger#2286

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    In need of DK's.

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    Shamans, Deathknights, Monks and Rogues are high prio. One of each would be fantastic!

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    Swoop Da Woop, Bump Da Funk.

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    Up up up and away.

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    Up up up up up to the top top top top

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    Been with these guys since the start and having a great time.
    Gruul and Maggy went down nicely this week, and doing Kara tonight.
    Other activities besides raiding too so if your wondering whether to take the plunge then do it!

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    Kara cleared this evening - onto SSC Sunday.

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