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    How does CRZ work with RP / RP-PvP servers and/or foreign language servers?

    So I'd like to know exactly how CRZ works with low pop RP servers or foreign language servers (Spanish, Portuguese etc.) If I'm on an RP server (which is in the same battlegroup as pvp and pve servers) will I encounter people from other servers in the same battlegroup while running around the world? I've never found any confirmation that the people you can CRZ with are the same as the ones in your battlegroup, although most people I ask say that is the case. But on my PvP realm in the Cyclone battlegroup we are grouped with PvE and RP servers, and I've never encountered a player who wasn't flagged for PvP for instance..

    Can anyone shed some light on how CRZ is grouping/phasing people from different types of servers?

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    Realm types and languages don't get mixed in public CRZ, if there's only one realm of a type like Italia-PVE and Italia-PVP then they're not included in CRZ at all.

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    I had thought about that, but I was confused when I looked at the battlegroups. But if you're sure that's correct, then thank you !

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    Yes, they don't mix up realm types. It's actually great for RP servers, you used to be lucky to see 1 or 2 people in Darnassus, now with several servers worth of role players I can find 5 or so people just standing in the Temple of the Moon.
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    But what you're saying is that several RP servers are now in the same CRZ? So it's not at all correct that Battlegroups are the same as the servers available for CRZ with each other? Because usually there are not 2 RP servers in the same battlegroup. And CRZ doesn't affect cities anyway does it?

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    Sure crz does affect cities, have a journey to dalaran if you dont believe me.

    CRZ doesnt apply to zones that are populated. Since Orgrimmar and stormwind are heavily populated on most servers you wont see a CRZ here, but it is possible.
    Only thing where CRZ is disabled right now is MOPLAND.

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    Aha, thanks for clarifying. So if I make a character on any EU RP realm, I could potentially see characters from all other EU RP realms if they are on the same language server as I am?

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