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    Rare tagging and stealing

    I have noticed an inconsistency when it comes to who gets loot from rare mobs after tag stealing. Let me explain what I mean.

    I tag a rare mob. Horde player kills me. Horde player does not allow the mob to reset. Horde player kills the mob. Horde player gets loot.

    I see a Horde player tag a rare mob. I kill the Horde player. I kill the mob. I don't get loot.

    Please understand I am NOT complaining about getting killed. I am on a PVP server and I enjoy it. Don't turn this into a "just transfer to PVE bro" thread.

    Also understand that I am 100% sure that I tag the mob first, and 100% sure that the Horde does not let the mob reset.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

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    After a certain amount of DMG you get the tagg. For example if you kill it while it got 100k then you probarly won't get the tagg.
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    or perhaps you released so that your spirit got moved to GY far from the mob and instantly removed your tag from it.

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    The horde player seems to put out way more DMG than you, only explanation.

    I have noticed this a lot when i was helping others (not in group) to down some quest mobs. When i had a critline i overtook the tag and the dude couldnt loot them so i just did some minor dmg to help him out and it worked again.

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    No, you just have to attack the raremob before the other player dies, then you get the tag

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    Quote Originally Posted by JajaBongs View Post
    No, you just have to attack the raremob before the other player dies, then you get the tag
    This. The rare is still tagged to the Hordie if you don't attack it beforehand.
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