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    Post Section-Suggestion: Guild- & Raidmanagement


    one of my main interests is (next to Raiding Strategies) Guild and Raidleadership. This topic is vastly underestimated and there is no real section on any major forums about this topic. It would be nice if MMo-Champion forums hat this unique USP: A Guild- & Raidmanagement section.

    Is here anbody in charge?


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    That's good enough to be included in Raids and Dungeons forum.

    I'm serious, those threads do well there. Except when the raiders who post there are like world top 5000 and they expect your members to have their shit together. But they really should if you want to do well.

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    Nope, not at all.

    Firstly, the Raid&Dungeon section is nearly only about "How can I kill this boos?", "Look how we cool we are when we killed this boss".

    Secondly, the Raid&Dungeon section has nearly nothing to do with Guildmanagement? How to motivate people? How to deal with people? How to arrange a guild? Discuss different forms of guilds (Hell yeah the most guilds are NOT serious raiding guilds with 16/16HC progression!)

    Thirdly, I see topics in such a section more from a management perspective. The current Raid&Dungeons forum is more from a "technical" perspective.

    Last but not least, the Raid&Dungeon section is so huge. So many different topics are discuessed there, that keeping an overview is nearly impossible. Topics from yesterday are not even on the first page anymore (because there are so many).

    I really miss such a section. Also I would suggestion having more "sticky" posts there. Many question like "Which addons are available for RL?" hardly changed, but asked many times.

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    It's an interesting topic, but for now it belongs in R&D -- it would fit just fine there! There are a lot of boss kill threads (hopefully more of the "help us kill X" and less of the "look we're cool", because the latter doesn't belong there at all and should be reported to mods), but raid management is definitely something I've seen a few threads on. It's as much part of running a successful raid as the actual tactics.

    For guild management as a whole beyond raiding/dungeons, I think General Discussions is a fine place for a thread as well.

    If there's interest in it, we can definitely think about creating a separate forum; it's just not the case right now. Moving the threads to what's essentially a "dead" forum section right now is the easiest way to kill the discussion.

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