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    Will we need rep wtih 5.1 faction for 5.2 dailys?

    Like the title says. do we have to farm rep with the 5.1 faction to be able to go to the new area?

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    Nope. You login, and will have a quest to goto the base for the new faction's base in Townlong, that will get you going.

    You didn't need any 5.0 Factions at Exalted to get the 5.1 faction. Why would it change now? Not that it takes long for anything aside from Shado-Pan/August Celestials now (with alts anyways).
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Nope, no rep requirements like Golden Lotus *shiver*

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