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    [AFF] SimCraft says ~4300 Haste then Stack Mastery??

    I have read through several posts which state to keep haste and mastery roughly close together and other that say at least hit the second haste breakpoint of 4717. However, SimulationCraft always tells me to stack mastery after the first haste break point. I am sitting at ~4300 haste and ~8600 mastery and could reforge mastery -> haste but would result in a dps loss according to the sim.

    Assuming others have been in similar situations, what are you opt'ing to do?

    armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Delvaz/simple


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    I asked a similar question not too long ago and so I'll try to help out.

    What I believe simcraft does, is simulate your DPS with your current stats vs. your current stats +X. The change in DPS based on each stat increase is what gives you the stat weights.

    In your case, I think the next haste breakpoint is not within "X" of your current haste, and so it's weighting haste on a linear basis and telling you mastery is better. This makes sense because until you can safely reforge to the next haste breakpoint (without dropping mastery too far) your mastery is a better stat than haste.

    Hope that makes sense...someone else might be along shortly with a better explanation.

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    Thanks for the input. My next haste break point is only 400 higher than what I have now at 4717. This would barely affect mastery over 8000, I am just not sure why simcraft is telling me to ignore the breakpoint.

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    Do sims at your next breakpoint with that much less mastery and compare final dps. I think you can manipulate that by importing a character with created gear to match the stat difference.

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    It might seems weird, but did you check the "buff" sections ? If somehow the 5% haste buff isn't checked it could explain some things...

    Also go get at least the 4717 breakpoint. That's for sure. After you can try to balancer haste = mastery but that would NOT give you a up as huge as the 4717 breakpoint (I personnaly went for 90480 ti 90640 in my simulations...)

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    I had the same problem. Currently i just try o hav mastery ~800 abve my haste level.

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