Hey guys, long time viewer, first time poster here. I've been playing Enhancement since the start of the expansion and believe I have familiarized myself with the rotation enough to compete. However, running myself against other melee classes on sim-c (most recently against an equally geared WW), I've come to notice that my dps may be lacking for my gear level.

So it comes down to how can I improve: Tkeg-Area 52
I'm aware that I don't have professions (honestly I suck at gold management ><), and unfortunately they're out of my range atm.
So, I'm hoping that the problem lies with my gemming/reforge...or are we really that far behind WW (I've been watching raidbots and other dps comparisons and we're supposed to be roughly equivalent...)?

Here's some logs if that will help as well: Still Thirsty-Area 52. February 12, 2013. Heroic MSV

Please help ><
(mmo-c wont let me post links yet...super new account)