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    Heroic Garalon Tips and Tricks Also Heroic Windlord.

    Hello! I am currently playing the Mastery Arcane build and I would like some help with Heroic Garalon..... I am doing very, very poorly in that fight and I feel like that should be one of the strongest encounters for the spec. I am currently using Rune of power for the encounter, although I am thinking of going for incanter's ward since it will be procced on cooldown. At the beggining of the fight the entire raid goes on all the legs and kills them then the ranged get to tunnel the body for the rest of the time. Moving from leg to leg with Rune is really hard so generally I forgo that all together and just tunnel body and everyone overtakes me by a huge margin (As they should). I am not sure, I am probably not handling the mechanics of the fight properly, any tips are appreciated.

    I have heard that many mages prefer fire for this fight, but isn't arcane awesome because you get periods of standstill dps?

    Oh, and heroic Windlord, I am sort of confused how I am supposed to AoE, so any tips here would be welcome, but Garalon takes precedence. :P

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you kiting pheromones at all in this fight? I'd use IW myself, but I'm also frost for this fight. Give IW a few tries see if that still works for you, it's probably better than trying to place rune overall.

    H Windlord. I am arcane on this fight. I use sha trinket and FB, and rune. I focus fire on my add that I'm spellstealing quickening and backup interrupting. It's fine as your damage spreads to all three adds. Your goal is to get those three adds down to focus fire on the boss. Imo, arcane performs well for this fight.
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    Yes I am the second person to kite pheromones during the encounter, also I would link my Armory but seeing as this is a new account I am not allowed to, so my mage is Gurdurr on Arthas US
    What should be a decent benchmark that I should strive for on Garalon?

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    As Arcane on Garalon you will never be top dps because of the insane cleave classes, but you will be able to be top damage on Garalon's body. Ask your raid leader to set you slightly later in the kiting order (tanks and healers should go first) so you can finish your entire burst phase properly.

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