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    Ars Discordia [A - Doomhammer] [10/16] 7-9 MT M/T/Th

    Ars Discordia is looking to recruit new raiders as we head towards 5.2.

    We raid for 2 hours a night, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7-9 server.

    Ars Discordia is among the oldest guilds on Doomhammer, tracing our roots to pre-Vanilla Beta days. We are mature, stable, and focused raid group, some of us have been raiding together since vanilla, many of us since wrath, while some of our members are more recent additions to the guild. Most of us have lives outside of WoW requiring our time, while we enjoy progressing, none of us want another job, and our guild priorities reflect this.

    At this point we are willing to help gear people for 5.2, all we ask is that you are dedicated to your character, and have considerable experience raiding. This is a perfect 'retirement' guild from hardcore raiding, especially someone "too busy" to raid full time anymore. We're a good guild for the working player with a day job.

    If you are looking to attend every single raid, this guild probably isn't for you. Our goal is to have a raid roster of size that allows us to raid on each of our raid days even when real life intercedes for some of our members. Due to the flexible nature of our raiding roster, we appreciate players who can function at a high level in multiple specs/roles.

    Bumps are done depending on the night towards a specific goal. On progression nights, the goal is to down new bosses, and we will tailor our group appropriately. On farm nights, we're looking to make sure that everyone has the gear they need to contribute to progression nights while still being able to move at a quick pace. There is also an established alt run that occurs semi-regularly on Fridays as well.

    We like to get in and get out during our raids. We do not have an attendance policy, but if you are selected for the raid we expect you to be ready to go for the full two hours. The guild makes every attempt to provide food and repairs, but we ask that you have your own gear in order (gemmed and enchanted) and your raid consumables.

    Doomhammer is a PVE server using US Mountain Time for Server Time.

    Sound like a fit for you? Visit us on our website: arsdiscordia.org

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    For the past forever tiers we have cleared all of normal and usually down some heroics. The only reason we're so far behing this tier is because of raids cancelled because due to numbers, hence this recruitment drive.

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    Asked mods to update the title. We're now 10/16 having killed Wind Lord last night.

    Still LFM.

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    Still looking for a couple more. Ranged would be most excellent.

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