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    Friend wants to upgrade his pc to specs like the one I just built but won't really have time to play it for the next few months as much as he would like. Should he buy now or will haswell be that much of a jump?

    Money isn't a huge issue he says, but would like to hold off of it will future proof way more

    Is it about time to start saving money for Haswell/GPU Or build now?

    He has an amd 6300 and I think a 6850

    He plays WoW/GW2, but doesn't raid, pretty much just does arena.

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    well what speccs do you currently have?
    for the sake of future proofing it might be better to wait if possible. (although haswell's main focus is mobile chips their will likely be minor tweaks to desktop chips aswell)
    also define isn't a huge issue in regards to money? (we like numbers)

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    just wait in worst case he will get ivy-bridge for cheaper

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    Should he buy now or will haswell be that much of a jump?
    Probably not big jump in performance compared to Ivy Bridges, but the important thing is future upgradeability. Haswell comes with new CPU socket and if you buy i5-3570k today there's exactly one upgrade option ever, i7-3770k.
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