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    [PST] Server 10 man <Backlash> 9-12 hr LF Healers for 5.2

    Website: http://thebl.enjin.com/

    Hi, we are a PvE focused 10-man alliance guild on the Kilrogg server (PST) that raid 9 hours a week between Tuesday and Thursday with an optional clean up on Mondays. We are 6/16H with first three and H Elegon don in MSV along with second and third down on heroic mode in HoF. We are in need of one or two raiders to bolsters our roster and it could be any of the following:

    - Holy pally
    - Resto Druid

    We raid between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm server (PST)

    We are a focused, tight knit guild that has little to no bench players so you would get to raid all nights albeit with a few minor rotations in/out. We have a short app on our website where you can get started or you could send a PM on the forums/in game to get the conversation rolling. You can hit up Abnerces, Zther, Seruto or Nirvaana. We hope you consider us and initiate a fruitful partnership.
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    Update: H.Meljarak down. Join us for more 5.2 adventures.

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    Changed class requirements.

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