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    [A] Cairne - 10 Man guild LFM

    Greetings from Cairne!

    Risen is currently seeking new members to both of our 10 man teams!

    Current Raids:

    Tues, Thur and Mon at 8:00-10:00 PM Central - Server Time
    Current Content: 16/16 Tier 14 and 4/12 Tier 15
    DPS - prefer melee plate
    Healer with DPS off spec

    Wed, Thur and Mon at 10:30PM - 1:00 AM Central - Server Time
    Current Content: 16/16 Tier 14 and 3/12 Tier 15
    Healer - prefer Paladin/Shaman

    About Risen
    Risen is one of the oldest raiding guild on Cairne, as we've been around since the server launched 5 years ago. We play the game to have fun and down bosses. Most of our members have familys, jobs, and other IRL situations, so we value our play, raid time. In what time we do have, we want to spend it experiencing the best parts of WoW, which includes progressing into current content.

    To that end, we do have a few requirements; Be on time for runs, showing up when you say you will. Have all your Flasks/Potions/Food etc on you and be ready to go at raid time. Being geared for content. Most importantly, be alert and pay attention during the fights, follow the Raid Leaders instructions, and be able to learn from mistakes, as well as new strats we try.

    Other Information:
    Ventrilo and DBM is required for raids
    Guild chat and Vent are PG rating. Swearing doesn't make you 'mature', young Or old =P

    If interested in joining us, check out our website at risencairne on guildportal or Guildox.

    If you have any questions, please whisper or mail any of our officers: Nynnaeve, Zilch, Deathdefiner, Bassaa

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