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    <Amici> 2/16 heroic. US-Hyjal-Alliance 10m. LF1 healer or ranged DPS.

    About Us:
    Amici is a small, friendly, and casual guild, but we take our raiding seriously. Our raid team members very rarely miss raids and we'd like the same of you. Everyone knows there's other 9 people depending on you to show up and do your job well, so we don't like people who can't show up on time and prepared to raid. We have ran since DS with a steady core of 9 or 10 people and we'd like someone dependable.

    If you can fulfill the above, you'll find we're a pretty fun group of people who are very easy to get along with. We're just a group of adults that like to play WoW with zero drama.

    Raid Days: Weds, Thurs, and Sun from 6 pm to 9 pm PST. (9 pm to 12 pm EST)

    Recruitment Needs:

    We're recruiting one healer (preferably not a Paladin) -OR- a mage/boomkin to fill a raid spot. Ideally, we would like someone who could step right in for some heroic progression attempts. But we're happy to chat with anyone who's interested.

    Contact Houndstooth (hounds#1817) or Cdubs in-game (Cstyle#1149).
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    i have a 524 frost mage or 527 shadow priest 2/13h exp.... what are your raid times and days

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    Good question. Not sure how I forgot to put that in.

    Weds, Thurs, and Sun from 6 pm to 9 pm PST. (9 pm to 12 pm EST)

    If for some reason one of those days is really bad for people, we may do a Monday instead of the bad day, but we always limit it to 3 days/9 hours a week.
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